Stop your home becoming like “THE MONEY PIT”!

Stop your home becoming like “THE MONEY PIT”!

The slapstick, comedy film, “The Money Pitt” starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long is a satirical look at how the dream of buying a house can turn into a nightmare!  The young couple in the story purchase what appears to be a bargain home until they move in and realise that the house actually needs major repairs.  They spend their life savings on the dilapidated building as one thing after another goes wrong.  Unlike Walter (Hanks) and Anna (Long) don’t spend a fortune on costly repairs in your home, if you live in Gloucestershire and require Boiler repair Cheltenham use a reputable, registered company such as  http://www.combi-man.com/ .

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This 1986 American film successfully combines slapstick comedy and heart-warming scenes so that the viewer goes from hysterical laughter to feeling incredibly sorry for the unfortunate pair.  As soon as they move in the door frame falls out of the wall and the entire main staircase collapses.  The electrical system catches fire, the plumbing fails, the bathtub falls through the floor, there is a live racoon living in the dumb waiter and the chimney collapses. The couple hire the only contractors they can afford to hopefully put things right but after promising a two-week turn around, the “Shirks” take months and literally pull the house apart.  Eventually after almost breaking up because of the stress and Walter thinking that Anna had slept with her ex husband (Max) the house is returned to its former glory and Walter and Anna are married in front of their magnificent home.

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