Three tips to light the kitchen

light the kitchen

Three tips to light the kitchen

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in decoration, a purpose present in all rooms of the house. The kitchen is a place of habitual coexistence, a space that from its decorative evolution has gained more prominence in the house. One of the trends is that of the open spaces that link the kitchen with the living room.

How to illuminate this point of the house? Happiness in the kitchen is created along with conversational times, visualization of the new day during breakfast, ingredients and new recipes. One of the reasons why the lighting of this room is especially complex is because in one place the person can perform different tasks. For example, write the shopping list, read a magazine during breakfast or cook cookies.

General kitchen lighting

light the kitchen

In the kitchen there are differentiated areas based on their own objective, spaces that form a main set. In reference to the image of the kitchen seen as a set that offers you the welcome when you arrive at the place, the care of general lighting is especially important.

This lighting increases the beauty of this room, avoiding glare or shadows at certain points. This is a uniform type of light. This general lighting is not the only one present in this place, but it is a priority. Points of light that add to the natural potential that enters through the window of this place in the house.

This kitchen lighting, without the creation of shadows, is the sum of the combination of this general lighting plan with the ambient and functional lighting.

Differentiation of stays in the kitchen

light the kitchen

There are no two identical kitchens because this space in the house is always enjoyed from the point of view of the family and their lifestyle. For example, some homes give a greater prominence to the lounge during mealtime where the table is located around which loved ones gather to share this moment of the routine.

In other homes, on the contrary, this moment is lived in the kitchen. To plan the kitchen lighting it is convenient that you visualize this map from the differentiation of the areas that make up the place. In addition to general lighting, each of the rooms that are part of happiness in this place must have its localized lighting.

Lighting for kitchen furniture and drawers

light the kitchen

The kitchen furniture offers a storage space necessary to conveniently store different products. Furniture that in addition to offering this space necessary to store the different items also contribute aesthetics to the kitchen. One of the possible lighting options focused on this aspect of furniture in particular is one that directly illuminates the lower part of the cabinets.

By means of this lighting formula, you can increase the safety in the cooking zone. For example, it increases the quality of vision on the countertop surface. The lighting can also be functionally focused inside the furniture, in particular, inside the kitchen furniture drawers. One of the reasons to be able to opt for this type of measure is the practical view of this issue.

Therefore, lighting is very important in decorating the kitchen to prepare a happy space. If the kitchen has an island area, this place that is the center of this room deserves a special prominence.

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