How to Find Your AirPods If They Are Dead

Find Your AirPods If They Are Dead

How to Find Your AirPods If They Are Dead

Have you ever had that sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize that your AirPods are nowhere to be found? It’s even worse when you discover that they are dead and you have no way to track them. Don’t worry, though, because in this article, we will guide you on how to find your airpods if they are dead. We will provide you with helpful tips and techniques to increase your chances of locating them. So, let’s dive in!

Can Dead AirPods Be Tracked?

Unfortunately, if your AirPods are dead, you won’t be able to track them using the usual methods such as ‘Find My’ app. Since the batteries are drained, there is no power source to send the location data. However, there are still some clever ways to find them, and we will discuss them in the next sections.

Retrace Your Steps

The first thing you should do when looking for your dead AirPods is to retrace your steps. Think about the last time you used them and try to remember where you might have left them. Check all the places you visited and see if you can spot them. It’s also a good idea to ask people around you if they have seen your AirPods. By the way, if you’re wondering can i wear airpods in the shower? The answer is no, it’s not recommended as they are not water-resistant.

Stay Calm and Use Your Ears

If retracing your steps didn’t yield any results, it’s time to stay calm and use your ears. Dead AirPods may not be able to play music, but they can still emit a small beeping sound. This sound can be very faint, so make sure you are in a quiet room and listen carefully. Move around different areas, and you might hear a faint beeping noise. Follow the sound until you locate your AirPods.

Utilize the Find My iPhone App

Although your AirPods may not be trackable when they are dead, you can still use the Find My iPhone app to get an approximate location. Open the app on your iPhone and sign in with your Apple ID. Once you are in, tap on the Devices tab and select your AirPods from the list. If they are in range, the app will give you an approximate location where they were last connected. This can be a helpful starting point for your search.

Inspect Unusual Hiding Spots

People often forget that they might have put their AirPods in unusual hiding spots. Check your bags, pockets, and even between couch cushions. Dead AirPods might have slipped into unexpected places, so make sure you thoroughly inspect your surroundings. A flashlight can be handy in spots that are hard to see.

Don’t Forget the Charging Case

When looking for your dead AirPods, don’t forget to check the charging case as well. Sometimes, we might have left the case behind, and the AirPods are still safely stored in it. So, give the charging case a good look, and you might just find your lost AirPods inside.


Losing your AirPods can be a stressful experience, especially when they are dead and cannot be tracked using traditional methods. However, by following the tips mentioned in this article, you can increase your chances of finding them. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for your well-being. If you’ve misplaced your AirPods, always remember to retrace your steps, use your ears to listen for a faint beeping sound, utilize the Find My iPhone app for an approximate location, inspect unusual hiding spots, and don’t forget to check the charging case. With a little patience and persistence, you can locate your AirPods and have them back in your ears in no time.


  1. Can I track my dead AirPods using Bluetooth?
    No, once your AirPods are dead, they won’t be able to establish a Bluetooth connection. Tracking features like the ‘Find My’ app require a power source to send location data.
  2. How long do AirPods usually last on a full charge?
    Under normal usage, AirPods can last up to five hours on a full charge. However, battery life may vary depending on factors such as volume level and usage patterns.
  3. Can I replace a single lost AirPod?
    Yes, you can replace a single lost AirPod. Simply contact Apple Support or visit an authorized service provider to purchase a replacement.
  4. Can I use Find My iPhone to track my AirPods if they are disconnected from my iPhone?
    No, Find My iPhone app can only track AirPods if they are in range and connected to your iPhone.
  5. How can I prevent losing my AirPods in the future?
    To prevent losing your AirPods, you can use accessories such as silicone covers or hooks that secure them to your ears. You can also enable the ‘Find My’ feature on your iPhone to track them in case they go missing.

Remember, it’s important to take good care of your AirPods to avoid losing them. Happy listening!


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