What Exactly Is Kerb Appeal?

What Exactly Is Kerb Appeal?

Kerb appeal refers to how your house appears to potential buyers. First impressions matter, and buyers can make quick decisions before they have even entered your home. What houses look like from the outside determines whether they will sell.

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Getting Kerb Appeal

To get a speedy sale, you need kerb appeal. Images of your house’s exterior are used in advertising and on websites: if people don’t click through because these pictures are unappealing, you risk fewer viewings.

Altering the design of your house and garden is too big and expensive an endeavour for most people. However, you can make small manageable changes to boost kerb appeal.

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Making an Entrance

Your porch can make or break the impression of your house. Clean the woodwork and give the door a glossy coat of paint. Smart townhouses suit muted greys and greens, while cottage-style dwellings benefit from cheery bright colours like fire engine red. Give uPVC doors a really deep clean.

If your knocker and letterbox have become rusty, head to a DIY store for replacements.

Here are seven more ways to create kerb appeal: https://www.housebeautiful.com/uk/decorate/exterior/tips/g91/7-top-ways-to-create-kerb-appeal/.

Cultivate an Attractive Garden

Some colourful plants in pots outside will lift the exterior of your house and favourably impact viewers. Be careful, however, if your front garden is untidy, as this will have the opposite effect. Keep bushes and the lawn well trimmed, and sweep up fallen leaves.

Add Pressure

If you have decking, a drive or a paved area in front of your house, give the area a good pressure wash. This can radically transform your property’s exterior. It can be highly satisfying to uncover clean brick cladding or slabs.

If you are wondering what is brick cladding, experts in the field can explain the material’s characteristics and its use in buildings.

Be Neighbourly

Once your property’s exterior has had a makeover, examine the surrounding area. It makes sense to stay on top of litter or leaves in the vicinity. Similarly, you could do a bit of weeding for elderly neighbours or tidy their wheely bins.

Add Sunshine

When your exterior is looking spick and span, wait for a sunny day to take photographs. Buyers looking on property websites will be attracted to homes framed by a blue sky and bathed in sunlight.

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