Trends Of Terrace Decoration 2018

Terrace Decoration

Trends Of Terrace Decoration 2018

The outdoor spaces are to live and enjoy them throughout the year. It does not matter if it’s full summer or a cool autumn day. We want to invite you to enjoy your exterior throughout the year. To help you, we present the trends of terrace decoration 2018.

Get ready for a breath of fresh air that will transform your terrace completely. Vibrant colors, vegetal fibers, treasures of other cultures, etc. We are going to the terrace, are you with us?

Terrace Decoration

Terraces rich in fiber (natural)

If there is a tendency that cannot be absent in the terrace decoration, 2018 are vegetable fibers. We speak of rattan, sisal, jute, wicker and a long etcetera of plant fibers that have conquered, not only the exterior, but also the interior of the house. Keep reading https://therecreationplace.com/home-improvement/wicker-a-traditional-material-for-decorating-your-home/

These fibers triumph both in textiles, especially carpets, as in lamps, baskets and, of course, furniture. The vegetable fibers are hollow, so through them the air circulates better. This makes the pieces in natural fibers look super light and fresh. Ideal for a trend terrace decoration.

Vibrant colors

As for the color, this 2018 the terrace decoration will be dressed with pieces in full color. Super bold and explosive brushstrokes for a terrace to the last. From furniture to small accessories will allow you to give a twist to your exterior?

You can enter the color through very specific and trendy pieces, like a kilim. An exotic touch with color that will also add comfort and add comfort to your terrace. Also, do not forget the glasses and crockery in full color, which are imposed this season.

Terrace Decoration

A tip to add vibrant colors to your exterior? Use neutral tones (for example gray or beige) for your furniture and use color through accessories. And, of course, do not forget the plants and flowers.

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A terrace mindfulness

Are you passionate about the treasures of other countries? You’re lucky! This 2018 will also trend the eclectic look. To achieve this, try decorating the terrace with traditional pieces from other cultures. And what better than a Zen garden for a trendy terrace?

The charm of the Far East reaches our terraces through this type of detail. The objective is none other than to personalize and achieve a unique exterior, but also relaxing and appetizing. In this sense, Zen gardens help us to decorate and achieve an exterior in which we can disconnect from daily stress.

In other words, a mindfulness terrace in which to enjoy the present, the current moment. An ancient Buddhist tradition that has become very fashionable and that also finds its place on our terrace, whether large or small.

Terrace Decoration

Urban garden

Lovers of nature should not lose sight of the urban gardens that will continue to be a trend this 2018. Growing our own vegetables is in fashion. The advantage, besides knowing what we eat, is that we enjoy our terrace to the fullest. It is the pleasure of taking care of and seeing our small garden grow.

Details that speak of you

Garlands, cushions with ethnic or geometric patterns, seasonal plants and flowers, ceramic stools and lanterns are other details that will also be trend this 2018. Decorative whims that help us decorate a terrace to the last and with an eclectic point. So go ahead and take out some pretty piece that you have inside the house. Maybe a vase or some centerpiece in copper or gold.

Thanks to these accessories you will achieve a magazine exterior. Stylish, personal, welcoming and appetizing. A terrace decoration that talks about you and that is not like everyone else’s. You may also like https://sookiesookieboutique.com/lifestyle/decoration-purposes-for-the-new-year/

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