7 Tricks To Decorate A Small Terrace

Small Terrace

7 Tricks To Decorate A Small Terrace

It’s okay if your terrace is small. There are a lot of possibilities for you and today we are going to see some tricks that will help you to decorate small terrace so that you can enjoy wonderful moments outdoors. Let’s see how you can get it.

Small Terrace

A warm and cozy terrace

To give warmth to your small terrace you can put a wooden floor, composite or resin. The wood is certainly more welcoming material, so if space is small get him a nice warm touch to feel like a lot to be in it. You can even use it on some of the walls.

Then, play with other elements such as lighting and the objects you choose to decorate to, in this way, to design a space as comfortable as you think that being small will be uncomfortable. We are going to teach you that this does not necessarily have to be so.

Special furniture for small spaces

At the time of placing your furniture you have in the market several options specially designed for small spaces. For example, you can put a table that is folded on the wall and you only have to open it when you go to use it, folding chairs and special umbrellas for small sites that come directly from the wall.

These two examples are from IKEA and show us two functional and decorative ways of dressing our terrace, no matter how small. What is enough with what has been chosen? And look at what cool terraces, one of them even with barbecue.

Small Terrace

The lighting

A small space should be well lit so that it is comfortable to walk and provides a visually wider sensation. You can opt for garlands of LED lights that, in addition to giving a very cozy ambient light, are very decorative.

Also put some wall and you can add some candles to make the atmosphere even more pleasant. It’s about you creating a comfortable place even if the space is not as big as you would like.

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A vertical garden

This trick is useful if you want to plant a garden or want to put decorative plants. The vertical gardens take advantage of the space available on the walls and are very suitable for small places where there is no place to put pots.

Furniture with double function

The furniture that fulfills a double function is perfect for your small terrace. You can place, for example, a trunk that serves as a coffee table or seat and, at the same time, it becomes a practical space for storage.

Small Terrace


Following the line of creating a cozy place despite its small size, on your terrace you cannot miss cushions, blankets (especially in winter) or some carpet. Choose light fabrics and light tones to visually saturate the space.

A carpet with vertical stripes, for example, can make the terrace look visually longer and, in addition, we give a very cozy touch to the space.

Few add-ons but well selected

As in any small room, what you should try to achieve is a comfortable space that is not saturated by countless things. For that reason, in your terrace of reduced dimensions you can put decorative complements but better that they are not many and that they are selected to decorate in a special way.

As we have seen, you can hang some plants on your wall, put some cushions or some candle holders on the table. When you fold it again to recover the available space, save what you have placed on it in the trunk that serves as your seat, for example. You may also like http://merchantdroid.com/reviews/5-more-benefits-to-smart-automating-your-home/

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