The best plants for an autumn garden

autumn garden

The best plants for an autumn garden

Who says that outdoor spaces are only for summer? Autumn is a good time to enjoy our outdoor environments, such as the terrace, the garden, the porch, the balcony … Therefore, we want to help you decorate your exterior with the power of nature. Now, what are the best plants an autumn garden? Do not fear, we know the answer. Discover the best plants for an autumn garden.

Plants and flowers: Source of joy

The summer is over. We know how hard it is to return to normal after the holidays and have to say goodbye to the warm rays of the sun, the summer sunsets, the pleasant temperatures … For autumn is not so hard, nothing better than decorating the house with flowers and seasonal plants. Keep reading

Nature is a source of life, joy and optimism. The plants have a great decorative power and also help raise our mood. Therefore, you should not miss at home, not even in autumn.


autumn garden

Our first suggestion for an autumnal garden is the chrysanthemums. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular flowers of this time of year. In any of its tonalities, these flowers symbolize optimism, fun and longevity.

Best of all, chrysanthemums are resistant and easy to maintain. Remember to remove the withered flowers and water it frequently if it does not rain. Although they need a moist soil to grow healthy, we should not wet their foliage to avoid diseases such as mold.

Cimifuga racemosa

autumn garden

Did you know that the black cohosh repels pests and attracts butterflies? Without doubt, another highly recommended plant for an autumnal garden. It is a wild plant that grows in late summer and early fall.

Originally from Canada and the eastern part of the United States, this plant grows in moist and fertile soil and places with little light or half shade. A curiosity about this plant is that it is a medicinal species that was very used by Native Americans.

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Japanese Anemone

autumn garden

The Japanese anemone is another of our favorite plants for autumn. It needs a moist floor and enough space to move to the sound of the autumn breeze. It is a flower of great beauty that will add a touch of color to your garden.

Its cultivation takes place in autumn and is able to withstand all types of climates, except for droughts and very high temperatures. In addition, he prefers partial shade to fully develop. Therefore, a good idea is to place it near a larger plant that provides shade and freshness to our Japanese anemone.


autumn garden

The thought is another flower highly recommended to cultivate in autumn garden. And it is that this plant resists the autumnal and winter weather, even light snow. A flower with many varieties that will add color and joy to your garden.

A flower highly recommended for this season, since cold climates are your favorite to grow strong, healthy and beautiful. In fact, its flowering takes place during the first days of autumn and lasts until spring.


autumn garden

There are a variety of plants and flowers that are perfect to grow in our garden during the fall months. And another one is the caryoptera. Butterflies adore these plants because of the groups of small flowers they form. To grow strong and beautiful we need a well-drained soil and abundant sun.

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