Laying the foundations for a great garden

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The essence of laying a great garden begins with the groundwork.  Before you even begin to plan out plants and lawn space you need to make sure that the ground is prepared for this.  One of the best ways to do this is by employing the use of a mini digger.  These can be obtained by these Nottingham Mini Digger Hire specialists.

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The clearing of ground and rubbish from the garden site can be a laborious one.  Simply approaching the problem with the use of just a spade, fork and rake can take an enormous amount of time.  This is especially true if it is just you doing all of the work.  So, unless you have a team of ready volunteers to help you, you might need to use something to speed up the whole process.

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This is where the mini digger comes in.  It can soon make sure of the work of clearing away rubble and soil that is not needed.  Using this scoop at the front of the digger it is also able to peel away layers of unwanted turf or soil that is not required when the new  garden is planted.

Another advantage of the mini digger is that it usually has a small digging arm at the rear.  This would allow you to build trenches or to scoop up soil from one end of the garden and place it in a position where you know you’re going to have a raised bed.  They can also be used to a small degree in landscaping .

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