The Challenges of Location Filming

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Filming on location can be full of challenges. An idyllic set can soon turn into a muddy quagmire, with terrible lighting and too much background noise. Here are some important considerations for successful shooting on location:

Location Sourcing – Make life easier by finding a location that is experienced in welcoming film crews and can be used for multiple scenes. A backup location is also a good idea. It should have good access and parking, and be aware of what facilities are available as you will need to factor in toilets and catering, for example. To provide shelter for wardrobe or catering, for example, consider Movie Marquee Hire from a company like

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Sound – Filming on location can be blighted by excess background noise, reverberation, echo, wind and traffic. No matter how wonderful the visuals, poor sound can ruin production. Find a location away from busy roads and consider windshields for mics.

Lighting – The time of day is critical as the sun’s position will impact the lighting during filming. Cloud cover and the sun’s position can cause shadows that can be detrimental to your visuals. Midday has the harshest shadows, yet an overcast day is ideal as the sun’s rays are diffused.

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Weather – We cannot control the weather so be aware that both wet and heat can damage expensive equipment. It is wise to keep an eye on the forecasts and be sure to pack shades and shields to protect from the elements.

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