When would you need a Skip?

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A skip is ideal for heavy piles of waste accumulated after a few days of construction or to fill with waste from a mass clear-out. Although there are a few details that you will need to confirm before hiring, they can be extremely worthwhile for many circumstances.

One of the main uses for skips is home renovations. Having a skip on hand can be extremely useful to dispose of any waste materials such as bricks or wood from the construction site. This avoids a build-up of mess on new construction or renovations which will eventually have to be moved anyway and could be in the way of the builders themselves.

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If you are planning on renovations and are hiring builders, it is well worth discussing with them if they need a skip. Although they may have thought of this already, it can save the devastation of your home from all the debris if they do not hire one themselves!

Also, in terms of housing, if you are moving house and the decluttering process has begun then a skip can be a great way to get rid of your unwanted things quickly. Moving house is the perfect opportunity to filter out your belongings, however if you have a lot of waste, it can be a hassle to take it all to the skip yourself.

Garden waste is another example that people can often dismiss. Green waste can pile up quickly, especially if you are trimming hedges or cutting down trees. Therefore, a skip can be the point of disposal and avoid an untidy garden. Also, Soil or green waste is taken to composting facilities and recycled.

If you own a business such as a café or a restaurant that generates a lot of waste, a skip can be the perfect item to hire, especially if you are holding a big event. After all, you will not want the mess visible to your customers such as messy piles of bin bags in view of your building.

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Other commercial waste includes warehouses or offices. Skips can be filled with different types of waste and so are taken to different drop-off points. Hiring one from a commercial business point of view can be considered a safety precaution too as it stops workers tripping or injuring themselves on excess materials.

Commercial waste is ever increasing and companies such as Swansea Skip Hire pendragonskiphire.co.uk/swansea-skip-hire/ provide hire for both businesses and homes. Skip hire companies will have various shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs and budget.


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