Kids room curtains ideas: How to hang curtains

kids room curtains ideas

Kids room curtains ideas: How to hang curtains

When decorating for the baby’s room; one of the most difficult points to decide are the curtains. These fabrics can help not only to maintain the distance between the ultraviolet rays of the infant. They are also perfect to harmonize any space. And the room is also part of these places that are necessary harmony.

There are endless options for kids room curtains ideas. it is for this reason that it becomes increasingly difficult to make a final decision on these.

Recommended kids room curtains ideas

kids room curtains ideas

Whether the curtains are for the baby’s room or for a much larger child. There are different types of fabrics and models that are specific to this space.

The first thing we must take into account is the child’s personality; If the age comprises between 2 to 4 years, it is good to know what the tastes are, the favorite cartoons, the color that you like the most and starts working from that point.

This does not vary much between boys and girls; while children usually choose blue, or green; Girls often choose pink, or violet. However, although the choice of motive can be taken by them, the canvas, on the contrary, it is necessary that you choose it.

You have to keep in mind that, the curtains are those final points in the decoration of a children’s room; not only because it adorns the window; but also because it protects from the cold currents that can cause diseases in children; In addition, they are perfect to give personality to the space regardless of the color and texture.

Types of fabrics for children’s curtains

kids room curtains ideas

It is for this reason, that the curtains are those that help control sunlight; while they return life to these spaces; Yes, you may find a wide variety of curtains; but, the best ones are those that are double; these only partially allow the entry of air and sunlight, and at the same time have a motive and are colorful; that is, they protect but they are also perfect for decorating a children’s room.

Also, this fabric must be resistant to stains; because we all know that children can be very problematic and can cause many problems; so this cloth must be washable and must hold the dirt. Also, keep in mind that this fabric should be easy to wash; because the least you want is to have to deal with a hand wash.

Tips for choosing a curtain

kids room curtains ideas

Whether the curtains in a room for children, as well as in any other area of the house; You must have the personality of the decoration or the person who will be most of the time in that room; therefore, it is important to know very well what is the style of decoration or the person.

In the case of children’s rooms; these must be full of color; however, the color must be in harmony with the rest of the decoration; as well as it is important that these do not have a color that can be very invasive for the eyes; so forget about phosphorescent colors.

You can also choose fabrics with patterns, patterns, and figures that are fun to make this space pleasant. The idea is that the child feels comfortable with each decorative element that you place in this space; and above all, that these can last as long as necessary so as not to have to change them every year.

Curtains and space in the room

kids room curtains ideas

Another important point that we must take into account is the size of the room; although it is true that the curtains are perfect for any space; it is necessary to know which ones should be placed in the room; this is because in a large room short curtains cannot go, the same applies to small rooms; They should not go very long curtains.

Large rooms

kids room curtains ideas

If the baby or infant room is large; then, the range of selection is much wider; You can decide for any reason, texture or fabric; as long as you follow the advice we gave you previously about the type of fabric you should use.

In a large space it is necessary that the light circulate in a better way; so that if there is no dark place left; This is because children do not like darkness; and this is something you must prevent at all costs; regardless of whether it is day or night; In addition, dark spaces make any room look smaller than it really is and does not allow energy and harmony to flow freely.

The type of curtains you can use can be long and any motif or color; It is important that you have a clean fall and the length will depend on the size of the window; the larger it is, either wide or long; the curtain must overpass this size.

Small rooms

kids room curtains ideas

The perfect curtains for this type of room are those that allow the greatest amount of light input; regardless of size, they should be light, broad and clear; In this way, fresh air currents and sunlight can enter without difficulty allowing the room to look much wider and cleaner. The same rule of the size of the windows of the large rooms can be applied to the small rooms.

Let the child participate in the decoration

kids room curtains ideas

As parents, we often make the mistake of wanting to decorate the spaces of our children because we believe that we know or know their tastes; however, in this we are wrong.

This space should be for them and only we should guide them regarding the choice; although it is true that from experience, we often know that some things are better than others; The best way for our children to participate in the decoration of their rooms is to ask them what they want and how they visualize the final product.

This goes from the painting in their rooms to the curtains. Each element and each decision are equally important for you, as a father, as for your child.

For this reason, we encourage you to work together with your little one to provide all the comfort you need. On the other hand, if we talk about a room for a baby, it is better to choose a curtain without motives and neutral colors so that later you can continue using it and to match the decoration that you decide to place in your room. If you enjoyed reading our article kids room curtains ideas, don’t forget to share.

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