Bathroom in English style: modern design ideas

English style

Bathroom in English style: modern design ideas

English style was and remains in demand regardless of the vagaries of fashion. Its components are restraint and luxury. They reflect the essence of the British Empire: truly English stiffness and adherence to traditions paradoxically combine with brightness and chic in the spirit of India and China.

Bath in the English style will look especially harmonious in a spacious city apartment or in a cottage with rooms of a large area.

English style classics design of bathroomsEnglish style

Classical bathrooms in the English style arose in the early XX century. This was the period of the reign of King Edward VII.

The characteristic features of that time were available electric lighting, centralized water supply, plumbing and sewerage in their modern form.

Thanks to such innovations, the role of the bathroom have changed. Her functions and decorations began to pay more attention, and her size has increased significantly.

For the embodiment of an English-style bathroom, a large room with a high ceiling is necessary. Only, in this case, all the necessary items of sanitary ware and furniture will look harmonious

Complicated and equipment in this room, and its decoration. The decoration began to embody the signs of different directions of traditional British interiors, oriented to different stylistics (country, Victorian, classical Gregorian, medieval and so on).

Features of English style

Every detail of the interior, made in the English style, is in its place and performs a certain function. There are no superfluous items knocked out from the general concept.

Agree that not often in the bathroom you can see a fireplace, but it looks quite organic here, as well as mantel clock, and paintings on the walls

Distinctive features of the style are:

  • Wood in the cladding. For the floor and walls, extremely expensive wood is used: black and mahogany, oak, beech, yew, nut.
  • Wooden furniture. Not often in the bathroom, you can find antique furniture made of solid, quaint and complex design. In the embodiment of the English style, it is exactly this.
  • Bath on the legs. As a rule, the bath is located separately. It has a traditional shape and curved legs.
  • Well, the fireplace is more an exclusive than a rule. But it is British conservatism and adherence to tradition that explains the presence of this accessory in the bathroom.
  • Copper, bronze and “gold-plated” accessories. Despite the presence of such bright details, the feeling of pomposity and pretentiousness does not arise. Everything looks quite appropriate.
  • Landscapes, engravings, and flowers in pots. Such decorations on the walls do not at all look inappropriate. However, it is important not to forget about the sense of proportion.
  • The bathroom, made in the English style, always gives the impression of an exclusive premise in large part due to the maximum use of natural materials in it.

Bathroom furniture

Furniture in the bathroom, made in the English style, is always massive, diverse and original, and numerous accessories successfully complement the image

In addition, the restraint of the style is embodied in a clear rectangular shape of the room and in its symmetrical design.

Exclusive British finishes

The overall impression of the room is created, first of all, by its color filling.

Since we have to create an interior in a style that is characterized by tranquility and restraint, combined with luxury and wealth, then we will choose the appropriate colors.

Most often in the design, all shades of cream and white are used. Logically look golden and bronze colors.

Look great colors of the cold scale: deep colors of green and blue-blue. Color other and brown – the choice of lovers of warm colors.

Wall cladding options

Since the interior of the bathroom is created in a certain style, great attention should be given to the selection of finishing materials.

In this case, it is necessary to take into account not only the texture, but also the color palette, and the drawing. The walls are decorated in both light and dark colors.

Look good in the English bathroom panel made of wood. Considering the humidity of the room, instead of them, you can use imitation of wood from plastic, for example

For wall decoration, you can use one of the following methods:

You can use natural wood, processed by special means. Very popular are mahogany panels, decorated with tiles, inlays or carvings on the entire surface.

The walls can be lined with modern materials, which are only stylized for wood of different varieties. Usually, it is a laminate or plastic. This choice is justified by the high quality of the finishing materials, the condition of which is not affected by the high humidity characteristic of the bathrooms. This finish will last longer than a natural array.

Decorative tiles are a great material for decorating a bathroom in any style, including English. For its implementation, a combination of tiles of several colors is used. One color will play the role of the main one, others should organically supplement it. Black-and-white tiles are often used, which can be staggered. Effectively it looks like a Scottish cage with a “tartan” ornament. Another popular version of tiles in the English style for the bathroom is a ceramic in pastel colors, decorated with a floral pattern.

Floral drawing is also preferable when choosing wallpapers for walls. Preference is given to images of camellias, heraldic lilies, thistles, ivy, and roses.

The most economical variant of wall finishing is their painting. But it takes into account the typical for England traditions: the painting is performed in three “floors”. The darkest tone is used at the bottom of the wall. It turns out a peculiar socle. The middle part of the wall will be a bit lighter, and the lightest color will color its upper third to the ceiling itself.

We design floor and ceiling

Quality is the characteristic that first comes to mind in the process of describing sex in English for a bathroom.

Most often for its finishing use of natural wood. The most expensive option is the parquet. A little cheaper will cost traditional floorboards.

When using wood, special attention is paid to the design of natural fibers.

As in the case of walls, floor materials are often made of materials that are only stylized for wood.

Another interesting way to decorate the floor in the bathroom is to imitate the carpet with tiles. Carpets in England have always been considered a symbol of prosperity. Tiles can also represent a chessboard, which is also traditional.

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