The living room is the center of the house, the space where you spend most of your time, both relaxing and welcoming guests. Studying carefully how to furnish the living room is therefore of fundamental importance, to divide the spaces in the right way and to give the right importance to the activity that you prefer to carry out inside it. Before starting to buy furniture, sofa, and various objects it is good to study the size and layout of the room. So let’s see together some useful tips on how to furnish the living room efficiently.


The starting point for creating refined living room furniture is to analyze the habits we have. Are we more used to spending time watching TV, or do we prefer to relax with a good book? Or do we still love conviviality and for us a stay is synonymous with long conversations and aperitifs in the company? Each living room must respect certain specific characteristics for each of these functions. Let’s see together some tips for furnishing the living room according to our habits.

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If you are a couple or a family who loves watching movies and TV series, you are Netflix addicted, then without a doubt, the star of your living room will be the smart TV. The main point is to choose the right wall to place the appliance. The ideal is a wall without openings, therefore without glass doors or windows. Ideally, the front wall should also have no windows to avoid unpleasant reflections if you decide to watch television during the day. If we do not have such a layout and we cannot avoid having at least one window next to the TV, we can solve it by putting a heavy curtain that we can close if necessary.

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To furnish the living room in the best way, a piece of furniture that can be used for the television must be studied. Smart TVs no longer need decoders, old DVD players, and so on, so ideally they could also just be hung on the wall with a TV holder. In reality, if the room allows it, it is always better to place a TV cabinet with some storage space that allows you to store the remote control and various objects.

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There are living room furniture ideas with suspended furniture, or on the ground, the choice depends a lot on personal taste. A modern living room will almost certainly have a suspended piece of furniture, while a classic living room a floor piece of furniture. Furniture manufacturers offer TV cabinets designed for this purpose, so they often have a backrest that allows you to hide the cables.

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To consider carefully is the position to which to attach the TV: the height and inclination of the device are essential for good vision. However, everything depends on the size of the TV and the sofa model, so it is difficult to give precise indications. Those who love to watch movies on television cannot fail to think of a nice Dolby sound round system to make even cinemas the envy.

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Obviously, a careful choice must also be made about the sofa. A sofa with a chaise long or peninsula is undoubtedly the most comfortable solution, but if the room does not allow it because it is too narrow, we must consider placing a comfortable footrest, such as an ottoman or a tea table. The position of the sofa is also important: it is ideal to place it in the center of the room so as to leave the passage behind and thus not disturb those who are watching the film.

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If your passion is reading and relaxation for you is immersing yourself in a beautiful adventure, then your living room can only present a great library. We have collected some living room furniture tips and ideas for reading lovers.

Bookcase: we don’t think of the bookcases and living rooms of yesteryear, with large columns that go from floor to ceiling with glass doors. Modern bookcases have infinite forms and compositional possibilities. To furnish the living room in an innovative style, you can alternate open compartments and closed compartments to give movement to the composition, or we can choose a suspended bookcase if we love more minimal furniture.

In the living room of a reading lover, a comfortable recliner and a floor lamp cannot be missing. If you do not have space for an armchair and sofa, you can also keep the sofa alone, perhaps with a chaise long or a peninsula to read more comfortably.

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Furnishing a living room for reading is a challenge for designers because it is necessary to recreate a calm and relaxed environment to facilitate relaxation and immersion in the splendid adventures of books.

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If, on the other hand, conviviality is your concept of living room, ample space should be given to seating and support surfaces. Yes, therefore, to the arrangement of two opposing sofas that encourage conversation, with a central table that can become comfortable support for glasses and snacks. Otherwise, you can choose a large corner sofa always with a coffee table in the center as support.

To increase the support surface we can then insert in the living room a console that can be extended if necessary or a comfortable sideboard, which, in addition to serving as a storage space, also offers ample support. These are our tips on how to furnish the convivial living room.

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Furnishing a perfect living room is really a challenge, even the architect says so. So let’s see some other useful tips to avoid making mistakes.

The choice of the color palette is the first step to then choosing all the furniture and accessories, as well as curtains and carpets. The living room is still a place dedicated to relaxation, so we choose light and muted colors, such as pastel finishes, or dove gray and light gray colors. Once we have chosen our favorite color, we can insert furniture and accessories with more or less dark tones of the same color.

Let’s remember the basic rule: in small and dark environments it is better to choose bright colors, first of all white, while in large and bright environments we can play more with colors.

Depending on the shape of the room there are different tips. For example, furnishing a rectangular living room requires you to give more momentum to the environment, for example by placing a wardrobe that goes from floor to ceiling or a bookcase. In this way, the environment will seem more spacious and airy. If the room is long and narrow we can paint a wall on the narrow side with a dark color in this way our room will seem more proportionate.

The style is chosen also determines the selection of furniture to furnish the living room. If we love the classic style we will prefer wood as the construction material of the furnishings and the upholstery will be in leather or imitation leather. If they have refined shapes, they can actually also be in fabric, such as coarse-woven cotton or linen. If, on the other hand, we want to create an industrial living room, there will be a prevalence of iron and wood in a rough finish. The upholstery will be in natural or ocher leather. Finally, if you love the Nordic style, a Norwegian living room is characterized by shades of white, the color of natural fir wood presents it with long-haired white furs and pastel shades, such as cornflower blue or sage green.

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