Converting an Old Barn to your Dream Home

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If you are looking for a building to convert and make your own, barn conversions are a popular way to go. If you are hoping for a renovation project, a barn conversion is a great choice. They are beautiful buildings offering a lot of potential for doing things how you want them.

The first step when you are considering a barn conversion is finding a barn to convert. Speak to your local council, estate agents in the area and also local landowners who may have or know of a barn for sale that you could convert. Give as much information to estate agents as possible, such as your area, budget etc, so that they can make sure they look for the right thing for you.

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Once you have bought your barn, you are ready to start the design stage. You will probably want to look for an architect to help you with turning your dream home into a reality. They will also be able to make suggestions which could improve it or save you money. It is important to take into account the things that will cost additional money from your budget too – things like repointing, and asbestos removal may need to be done, depending on the age of the barn and the condition of it. This is something that you will need an expert to check for you.

You will also need to get planning permission for your renovation before you start building. You will need to check if it is a listed building as this will affect what sorts of changes you can make to the building and also find out if the area is a conservation area. When you are applying for planning, it is important to keep your plans to fit in with the original appearance of the building – for example using materials like these Timberpride oak roof trusses.

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Consider both the internal and external materials for the barn and choose materials that are sympathetic to the original structure. Not only will these be more visually pleasing, but it will also mean that you are much more likely to be granted planning permission. There are lots of great ideas online for creative and interesting barn conversion designs, so have a look through some of these too for inspiration.

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