Back to the roaring twenties. In the bathroom at least.

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One of the most iconic styles of bathroom decor is that developed in the 1920’s. For the first time a flushable indoor toilet, shower and bath unit was starting to become the norm for more and more people. The style that permeates the decade, and into a far bit of the 1930’s and 1940’s is called Art Deco. Literally using art in a more decorative sense became used more in the creation of home items. There was a movement to try and forget the dour and war ridden previous decade with a sense of the beautiful rather than the horrific.

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You can recreate the perfect art deco bathroom in a number of ways. It does mean that your existing units might need to all come out. Luckily there is a decent Silicone sealant remover around to make this process easier and quicker.

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The main theme is black and white. Monochrome is the way to go with pure white porcelain tiling interspersed with that of shiny black. The use of geometric shapes is also prominent. The use of plastic is also going to be a thing of the past, you’ll have to look at making a porcelain bath and shower basin all through the room. The toilet will need to be gravity fed pull chain operation as opposed to the push button options that we usually get today.

Taps should be individual faucet driving twist handle affairs. They should both be clearly marked Hot and Cold. A large geometric mirror is also a must have. It needs to have centre space.

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