How to clean an inflatable pool

How to clean an inflatable pool

Inflatable pools are the perfect solution to enjoy a refreshing swim, even if you don’t have too much space, since you have endless options, from the round and smaller ones, perfect for children to have a great time, to the larger, ideal for putting in a garden and that the whole family can take a good dip.

Inflatable pools require less maintenance than a built-in pool, but it is important to clean them, both for the first use (after months of storage) and throughout the entire bathing season. In addition, it is important to follow a series of tips so that the water it contains is always in optimal health conditions. If you are about to take out your pool or you already have it installed, in this article we give you all the keys on how to clean an inflatable pool.

How to clean an inflatable pool step by step

Taking advantage of an inflatable pool requires, on the one hand, a first set-up that includes a thorough cleaning and, on the other, putting into practice a series of tips for periodic cleaning and maintenance.

If the time has come to take the pool out for that first dip, or you detect that, after days of bathing, it is dirty, this is what you should do:

Extend the pool (deflated) so that the bottom is as stretched as possible. Also, try to place the edges, that is, the walls of the pool, towards the outside. Ideally, you should place the pool in a place close to a hose.

Fill a basin with lukewarm water and put a generous amount of neutral liquid soap in it .

The hose gives a first general wet to the inflatable pool and dries ‘on top’ simply with a cloth or microfiber cloth. It does not have to be perfect, with this step it is about removing the most superficial dirt.

It’s time to lather the bottom and walls of the pool. Put a non-scratch (blue) scourer, or a brush with short, plastic bristles and a certain hardness (such as those used to wash clothes) in the soapy water and go through the entire inflatable pool, with special care. incidence in the possible folds where there may be accumulated dirt. We recommend this other article on How to clean the bottom of a pool without a pool cleaner.

  • Finally, apply pressurized water (hose) to thoroughly remove all traces of soap.
  • Wait for the pool to dry in the sun and you can fill it up to enjoy the bath.

Remove leaves and insects

To keep your inflatable pool clean for longer , it is important to remove leaves and insects that may have fallen into the water on a daily basis. Regardless of its size, you should have a net with a handle to be able to do it easily.

Water maintenance

Unless it is a small pool (for babies), you must do minimum maintenance of the water, so as not to have to constantly throw it away.

In medium or large pools it is important to control the pH of the water, which should be between 7.4 and 7.6. You have simple kits to check it and specific products to raise or lower it if necessary, thus ensuring that the water remains clean and avoiding possible problems for bathers such as itchy eyes or skin irritations.

Disinfection products

In the same way, inflatable (or removable) pools of a certain capacity also require that the water they contain be treated with disinfectant products, such as traditional chlorine or sodium hypochlorite, less aggressive because it only contains 15% chlorine, so It is ideal for medium inflatable pools. The objective of these products is to prevent the proliferation of fungi, bacteria, and algae that would quickly end up spoiling the pool water.

As with pH meters, you also have kits to check the level of chlorine and add the appropriate product if necessary, always taking into account the volume of water in the pool, which will be the one that marks the amount required for its disinfection.


Most medium and large inflatable pools have some practical accessories that help with proper maintenance. One of the most interesting is the adjustable cover, which allows the inflatable pool to be covered when it is not going to be used for a few days. In this way, the water will be protected from the action of the sun (which favors the appearance of algae) and from the entry of dirt. For larger pools, you also have portable filters, even small treatment plants that can be of great help.

How often to empty and clean it

Inflatable pools, which the little ones enjoy so much, do not present a major problem because it is very easy to empty them after a day of games and dips, give them soapy water, rinse and leave them ready for the next use. The doubt arises with medium and large pools. As a general rule, inflatable pools that do not have a purification system must be emptied and cleaned (following the steps that we have indicated) every two to three weeks. Of course, if dirt is detected on the bottom or walls in the form of greenish or brown stains that indicate the presence of microorganisms (slippery floor), emptying and cleaning must be done immediately.

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