Enjoying the Countryside in the Cooler Months

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Although the summer months are over, this doesn’t mean that we can’t get out and about and enjoy the autumn and winter. Although the weather is cooler, as long as you wrap up warm in the appropriate clothing, bring your waterproofs and practical headwear like this irish cap https://www.shamrockgift.com/mens-clothing/irish-flat-caps and head out into the countryside to enjoy all that the autumn and winter can bring.

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There are many health benefits to being outdoors, and did you know that one of many great winter activities is walking through a pine forest? The scent of pine has long been used as a decongestant and as this is the time of year when we are more susceptible to coughs and colds, this may be just what you need to help you feel better.

Visually also, there are some stunning sights to see in these months of the year. Of course, as the leaves start to change, the forests light up in an array of bright golds and reds, which makes for a picture perfect walk. It is also a good time to see wildlife who are busy storing food for the winter, or in the case of deer, are fighting for a mate!

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The colder days also bring a special feeling to the landscape – the snow and frost makes the countryside feel quiet and magical, the perfect activity to escape the stress of the festive season and take some time to reflect and relax.

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