Choosing the right fireplace

Choosing the right fireplace

Nothing beats the warmth and atmosphere of a cosy fireplace, particularly in the bleak mid-winter. It’s no straight forward task, however, to choose the perfect fireplace. It’s an important decision as it will likely become the focal point of your whole room. Decide on a budget and then explore the following options:

Choosing a surrounding

Marble – What was once the preserve of the wealthy and elite can now be enjoyed by everyone. Marble still retains its luxurious feel even though it is much more affordable these days. Marble is easy to look after, highly durable and looks amazing with almost any décor. Remember that it must be sealed to protect it against moisture. Marble remains an elegant and classy choice, dramatically transforming either a traditional or contemporary room.

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Steel – Whilst not as warm and cosy as many of the alternative options, for a contemporary setting, steel is the perfect accompaniment. It looks hugely stylish when teamed up with a minimalist or industrial style décor.

Brick – Suited to either a traditional or modern setting, bricks also work well with wood. Brick also offers an interesting contrast in texture and a timeless appeal. Why not consider vintage bricks? These can be sourced at a Reclamation Yard Ireland like https://www.wilsonsyard.com

Slabs – Another contemporary choice, a single stone with a cut-out hole for the fire is an on trend and highly desirable look. Clean lines, smooth surfaces and casual crafting make this ideal choice for simple elegance.

Choosing a style

Once you’ve decided what material works best for your home, it’s time to decide on the right style to suit your décor. For example, you’re not likely to want to add an antique fireplace to an ultra-modern, minimalist design.


If your home is traditional, vintage and full of antiques, then a Victorian style fireplace will fit in perfectly. These fireplaces work best with a real wood burning fire and a darker surround. They fit well into large open rooms and make them feel warmer and cosier.

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Built-in fires, otherwise known as hole-in-the-wall are highly versatile and suited to any period of home styling, whether vintage or contemporary. They are simple to install, cost effective and low maintenance.


These fireplaces obviously fit better into a home with a modern décor. There are a great many designs to choose from, available in a wide variety of materials. Take some time looking at all the available options and remember that you can choose a material that matches the colour scheme of your interior.

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