Vinyl Tiles: Modern Flooring with High Performance

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl Tiles: Modern Flooring with High Performance

Currently, the market for decoration materials can find a huge number of different floor coverings. And thanks to the development of industry and the achievements of modern science, new varieties of finishing materials are appearing. What kind of material to choose as a floor covering? For those who prefer everything new and interesting, we offer a fashionable and effective solution – vinyl tiles.

Modern floor tiles are noticeably different from other floor coverings with their attractiveness and high-performance characteristics.

The technology of production of modern vinyl tiles is very unusual. This vinyl coating has many layers, with a polyvinyl chloride base. To give vinyl tiles additional strength, rigidity and elasticity, use a combination of PVC quartz chips. These materials form the basis of the tile.

On the middle layer of flexible tiles with special dyes and using a special technology, a pattern is applied. Thanks to this technology, reliable fixing of the paint on the material is ensured, and the drawing turns out to be homogeneous and clear. After drawing the pattern, the middle layer is opened with a special transparent UV-film, which reliably protects the image from direct sunlight.

The outer upper transparent layer plays a very important role. Mainly, it protects the coating from various chemical and mechanical damages. This protective layer is capable of withstanding any point impacts and regular mechanical and chemical influences.

Types and types of vinyl tiles

types of vinyl tiles

The most famous type of vinyl flooring tiles is rectangular tiles of various sizes. Due to the fact that the tiles are produced by hot pressing, this material can very effectively imitate a variety of finishing materials, such as granite, marble, sandstone, various expensive wood species. In addition, it can be glossy, matte or rough. To date, more than 140 kinds of flexible tiles of various sizes and colors have been manufactured, with different types of surfaces.

Advantages of vinyl tiles

Advantages of vinyl tiles   

The main advantages of vinyl tiles can be safely attributed to its durability. Due to the special composition of the material, such a floor covering can be successfully used even in rooms with a very high intensity of movement.

Another undoubted advantage of vinyl tiles is its environmental safety. Of course, chemical substances are used in the production of PVC tiles, but in the future, chemical components are not released into the environment during operation.

Aesthetically attractive appearance and the ability to simulate virtually any natural material is another significant advantage of this type of coating. This and other characteristics of PVC tiles make it popular with ordinary consumers and interior designers.

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