How to maintain a healthy lawn at any time of the year

How to maintain a healthy lawn

How to maintain a healthy lawn at any time of the year

Has your lawn dried again? Or, no matter how much you water it, do not you take away that faint and sickly aspect? We know what it feels like. Keeping the lawn healthy and uniform is not difficult, but it requires a series of care throughout the year. In this article, we will discuss how to maintain a healthy lawn at any time of the year.

When to fertilize the lawn? How to cut it? If you have doubts about the correct maintenance of the lawn, here are 7 good tips to make your meadow look perfect at any time of the year.

7 tips to maintain a healthy lawn

  1. The Subscriber
  2. The Court
  3. Irrigation
  4. The Reseeding
  5. The Aerated
  6. The Weed
  7. The Scarified

How to maintain a healthy lawn- 1: The Subscriber

The fertilizer is the most important part of lawn care. The best time to start the work of the subscriber is late winter, just when the heat of spring begins.

  1. Provide nutrients

As a first step, use Humus Liquid; with this, you will get the microorganisms to settle in the substrate and begin to provide the nutrients that the plants need, as well as improving the structure of the soil. Use 1 liter of product in 10 or 20 liters of water, stir well and apply it to the land with a shower or with the irrigation system that you already have installed. With 1 liter of the prepared solution, you will have to apply it to 10 m 2 of grass. After distributing it, water it well to avoid spots on the leaves of the plants.

  1. Keep microorganisms

After this first application of liquid humus, bring your humic tea lawn every month with the same procedure. In this way, you will keep the beneficial microorganisms in the substrate.

  1. Increase the amount of nitrogen

For a complete supply of nutrients during the spring and summer uses the fertilizer Bio NPK: increases the amount of atmospheric nitrogen fixed and the uptake of nutrients, giving greater vigor to the lawn and a deep green color.

  1. Generate greater resistance to adverse conditions

In the hottest time of summer uses Greenfol to endow it with greater resistance to adverse conditions and improve its development. It should be applied once every two weeks during the entire period in which the lawn is in vegetative growth. It is advisable not to cut or water during the 24 hours following the application. The Subscriber

How to maintain a healthy lawn- 2: The Court

The lawn needs many cuts during the year. With each cut, it is favored that the plants spread wide and cover the soil in a very dense way. This prevents the turf from developing the spike and consequently wilting.

What is the cutting frequency of the meadow? How many issues in gardening depend on factors such as climate, orientation, type of soil, species that compose the meadow, frequency of irrigation?

The undoubted thing is that the grass must be cut as long as it has reached a height of about 10 centimeters. It is not advisable to let it grow more because we would have problems with the cutting machine, especially if it is helical cut. When cutting the lawn should be left 2 or 3 inches off the ground. That is, use the basic rule of not cutting more than a third of the length of the sheet at one time.

In winter and in summer it will be left somewhat higher in order to protect itself from the cold and heat. In summer, as is logical, you will need more cuts than in winter, when you are practically in a vegetative stop.

Cut grass should never be left on the lawn, because it can choke and spoil the rest of the grass, preventing its aeration. If you have a composter, it is very useful to use the vegetable remains that have been cut for composting or vermicomposting.

It is highly recommended to rake the lawn after each cut, and even before, to remove stones and branches that prevent a normal mowing and that could damage the mower blade.

Advice: Above all, do not cut it when there is or if there are frosts or a cold wind because the softened tips of the grass will be burned by the passage of the blade.The Court

How to maintain a healthy lawn- 3: Irrigation

Irrigation is a basic element to have a beautiful meadow because most of the lawns are very demanding in water. For this, we must know the type of grass we have and take into account at what time of the year we are not to water too much. The important thing is not to do it in the central hours of the day, and not only because at that time there is greater evaporation, but to protect the leaves from burns and possible fungal diseases.

The most practical thing is to have an automatic irrigation system, sprinkler irrigation or diffusion, which has several lines of dispersers to provide water to the entire meadow.

Scatterers must overlap at some points to ensure that all areas of the lawn have sufficient water.

Tip: If you want to have a greater resistance to drought, make irrigation more abundant and spaced, this way you get the roots to go deeper into the ground and get better to the part of the substrate with water.Irrigation

How to maintain a healthy lawn- 4: The Reseeding

Overseeding the bald areas is a simple way to improve the overall appearance of your meadow. Do not try to put small pieces of grass on the bald because they do not set well and dry very quickly.

Before replanting rake the areas with bald, removing any grass that has left, apply mulch and remove the soil with a hoe. Make sure the seed mixture is the same as in the rest of the lawn or as similar as possible. Disperse the seeds evenly and spread a light layer of earthworm compost or mulch and then water.

Tip: If you want to have a greater resistance to drought, make irrigation more abundant and spaced, this way you get the roots to go deeper into the ground and get better to the part of the substrate with water.The Reseeding

How to maintain a healthy lawn- 5: The Aerated

If the turf is damaged, compact and not fluffy, it can be because you step on it a lot and the solution is found in a scarified or aerated. In addition, this problem can be aggravated if the soil is clayey. In lawns that have been planted a long time ago, this technique will help you regenerate.

It is advisable to air at least once a year and the best time to do it is at the end of summer or the beginning of autumn.

After the aeration, it is necessary to carry out a re-dressing, which consists in applying a small amount of sand, mulch or a mixture of both on the lawn, in this way the holes are filled with a new substrate. The advice is to water after performing this operation, so the new substrate will be distributed more easily.

The machine used is called a scarifier, which can be manual or motorized and can be purchased in garden centers or machinery.

If you want to make deeper aerated can be done with aerating machines or shoes with nails in the case of small gardens, and its function is to oxygenate the roots in the spring.

How to maintain a healthy lawn- 6: The Weed

The weeds that are most annoying for the lawn are the creeping perennials and those that are in rosette-like the dandelion because they tolerate the harvest well. To extract them, use a hand fork, trying not to break the roots and then affirming the surrounding soil. Then, fill the gap that remains with substrate similar to the rest of the floor. You can spread some seeds of the same mixture, cover them and water.

How to maintain a healthy lawn- 7: The Scarified

The plant remains of the mowing, moss, and soil at the base of the grass are responsible for waterproofing the soil and favor the appearance of fungi and pests. To eliminate it must be scarified, which is nothing more than raking the surface of the earth. You can use a rake in small gardens or a scarifier if it is an extensive meadow.

Try to scarify once a year in shady and humid areas; in sunny and warm areas it is not necessary to do it in several years.The Scarified

We hope you will like these tips to maintain a healthy lawn at any time of the year. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!

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