Does your facility need a walk in cold room?

Does your facility need a walk in cold room?

Whether you’re in the process of starting your food preparation business or looking at expansion, if you need refrigeration facilities, you might be looking at a walk in cold room.

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Size matters

In commercial refrigeration terms, size really does matter. You not only require sufficient space to store your perishable stock, but there also needs to be enough room for the cold air to circulate properly to maintain the correct temperature. If your cold room is packed to the rafters, the unit will not only have to work much harder, thereby increasing running costs, but you may also find pockets where the temperature isn’t cool enough to store food safely.

Depending on the size and weight of your product range, you may also require mechanical lifting and moving gear, such as pallet wheels, to move it safely. Again, you will need to allow for turning space and access if this is the case.

Companies such as supply a range of walk in cold rooms.

In addition to having a responsibility to maintain the correct temperature of your food, you must also maintain the correct working temperatures for your employees. The Health & Safety Executive provides guidance on the types of tools, routines and protective clothing you should have in place.

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Spend money to save money

This might sound like a misnomer, but in refrigeration terms, spending money on the right equipment could save you a fortune in fines, waste and lost business in the future.

It’s believed that more than five million people in the UK contract food poisoning from eating unhygienic food each year. Whether your business is the actual source of the problem or not, simply being the end point from which a customer perceives they have picked up the bug can be devastating to your brand. Being able to demonstrate that your business takes food hygiene seriously and consistently achieves a high food hygiene rating is a great way to build your credentials and reputation. Correct refrigeration is an essential part in managing this.

Some cold rooms also have the addition of high-tech features such as Bluetooth. These features can alert owners when there is a problem with temperatures, even when they’re not on site. This is a great advantage if you don’t run a 24-hour operation.

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