Designers of the 20th Century who designed architecture and furniture

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Something special occurred during the 20th century. Furniture moved from being purely functional to becoming works of art. Thanks to the innovation and imagination of some key designers, furniture started to be inspired by architecture and ideas of modernism. Here we look at a few of the designers from the 20th century who pioneered iconic styles and bold ideas:

Frank Lloyd Wright

The American Frank Lloyd Wright wanted to become an architect, so moved to Chicago to study with pioneers in design. He started his own business in 1893 and developed a concept of working with organic styles in architecture. Whilst being well-known for building projects such as the Larkin Building, he also dabbled in furniture design. His work in both exterior and interior design made him one of the most influential American architects of his time. For Residential Architects Notting Hill, contact

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Florence Knoll Bassett

Florence Knoll studied under some highly influential designers of the era and started designing furniture after beginning a career in architecture. Her husband was already successful in the furniture business and she brought her experience of architecture by applying concepts of space and modernity to the company’s existing furniture collections.

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Charles and Ray Eames

The Eames’ were a dominant force in furniture design in America from the 1950s to the 1970s. Their Lounge and Ottoman chairs being their most popular designs. The married couple also engaged in projects in photography, architecture and film. They were an inspiration for many other leading designers of the era.


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