Make Sure that your Home is Safe and Secure Before you Head off on Holiday

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As we start to approach the time of the year when we are looking forward to getting away – the easter holidays providing the first opportunity of the year for a much needed break for many – it is important that you ensure your home is safe and secure so that you can come back to it as you left it.

Something that many burglars will look out for is someone who is going away on holiday, as this gives them an opportunity to break in whilst there is nobody home, so here are some of the things that you can do to increase the security of your home whilst you enjoy a holiday…

Don’t Broadcast your Holiday – The mistake that many people make that can give burglars a heads up that you are away, is making the fact that you are going away common knowledge. Resist the temptation to tell lots of people or put your holiday plans on social media – if you want to share holiday snaps, it is best to do so when you get back home.

Ensure that your Doors and Windows are Secure – Burglars are opportunists and will look for a way in via a door or a window. It might sound obvious, but ensure that your doors and windows are locked at all times when you are not there. Replace any locks that are damaged, as these might make it easier for someone to break the lock and access your home.

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Don’t Forget your Outbuildings – As well as your house itself, also think about other buildings on your property like a shed or a garage. A burglar will often go to these buildings as they contain expensive equipment and machinery. Your garage doors should be secure and in good condition – if it is not, then get a professional like this garage door repairs Luton based company to come and fix it for you.

You also need to ensure that your shed is locked and safe and that it is not possible for someone to look in through the window.

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Invest in Good Home Security Systems – For peace of mind when you are away, have security systems in place. House alarms and cameras are not only a good way to alert people to the presence of an intruder, but they also serve as a deterrent to burglars who will not want to risk being caught.

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