Why So Many People Want to Move to the Countryside

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After spending months in lockdown, many of us have started to reassess the things that we want in life. Enjoying being outside in nature is something that many of us did more over the lockdowns, and as well as an increase in working from home, this has led to many people looking to move out of the cities and move to a more rural location with a slower pace of life.

Somewhere that appeals to many people is Gloucestershire – with lots of surrounding countryside like the scenic Cotswolds and the enchanting Forest of Dean. These Stonehouse estate agents http://www.tgres.co.uk/office-locations/stonehouse-estate-agents/ have been busy selling rural properties to people looking for a quiet and peaceful life close to nature – so why are there so many benefits to living rurally? Here are just a few…

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Air Quality – Living in cities is known for causing respiratory problems such as asthma, as well as aggravating chronic diseases like COPD. Reducing the risks of these sorts of problems caused by the pollution in the cities is a big reason for many people who want to move out of the city to a rural area. With fewer roads and factories, it is clear why the air quality in the countryside is so much better.

Better Mental Health – Many people struggle with mental health problems. Something which can help with conditions such as depression and anxiety is being out and about in the countryside. Trees are also known to help with mental health problems and spending more time in nature, as well as the naturally slower pace of life in the countryside, helps enormously to reduce stress and ease mental illness.

Access to Locally Grown Foods – Eating healthily is a key part of overall health. In the countryside access to good food that is locally grown is much easier. Farmers markets, such as Stroud farmers markets, as well as local farm shops are abundant in the countryside, which not only helps people to support local farmers but also means that you can eat healthy seasonal produce all year round.

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Better Life for Children – Many people prefer for their children to grow up in the countryside. In cities, space is hard to come by so children may have to live in a flat with no access to a garden to play in.



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