Advantages of using LED lighting in your home decoration

LED lighting

Advantages of using LED lighting in your home decoration

With the installation of LED lighting in your home, you will save on the electricity bill, because they consume less energy than the traditional lighting system. Even less than those low-energy bulbs, which use the same principle as fluorescent tubes.


LED lighting

LED lighting allows architects and decorators to achieve very interesting effects with white light and colors, which were a bit difficult to achieve a few years ago because of the cost they had.

This type of lighting has enough application to illuminate the best way in swimming pools and gardens. They adapt perfectly to waterproof luminaires and it achieves beautiful effects by illuminating the water or the ornamental fountain.

Currently, the use of LED lighting has a beneficial effect to decorate any room in your home. It is known as ecological lighting since it does not use mercury or gases that increase global warming or cause the greenhouse effect.

The LEDs really are very safe elements since they work with the low voltage direct current. For this reason, they are widely used in homes because they reduce household accidents by electrocution very well and avoid these unpleasant discharges of lamps and fixtures in the best way.


LED lighting

Advantage # 1 . The LED light is really brighter than those that are incandescent. And even if you do not believe it, this applies to games of colored lights or yellow lights.

Advantage # 2 . Those PED lamps are safer because when using less energy they do not overheat. Even, they remain cold to the touch after a thousand hours of use.

Advantage # 3 . They are very resistant because they have an estimated average life of twenty thousand hours.

Advantage # 4. They are quite functional because if one of your bulbs goes bad the others will continue to work very well, unlike those incandescent lights.


LED lighting

Remember, lighting is a key point in the decoration of your home. The number of lamps or spotlights that each room should have corresponds to the area that you have to illuminate, that should be designed by a professional in decoration and perform those calculations with great accuracy.

But, if you do not have money to hire the services of the professional in interior decoration, do not worry. You yourself can realize when there is a lack of lighting in a space in your home.

Rail and ceiling lamp. In the ceiling panels that are placed by design on the ceilings are installed lamps that provide an indirect light on the area that illuminate, this way you play with the light as part of the design of the room reinforcing the area you want to give importance .

The intensity of this lighting depends on the spotlights that you put in it and you can reinforce it with the help of leather lamps, which will help you create an ideal lighting for your living room. These panels are installed not only for lighting, but also to define the acoustics desired in the area.

The track lights are those that are installed on rails that are fixed very well on the ceiling and there you put the spotlights of a certain design in the position you like to light a certain point or a work of art that you have in your room.


LED lighting

Try to improve the entry of light through the windows. If your room has windows, it is important that you potencies the natural light that enters by these. You can do it by choosing them from glass or, if they are different, install translucent curtains so that natural light can enter without problems.

Even, do not leave the possibility of placing skylights and clear buoys so you can gain natural light, and try to change the blind door entrance through a door that is made of wood and glass.

Uses mirrors. Surely you know, mirrors are space enhancers. You can use them to complete wall, from floor to ceiling, varying its perimeter and width, in front of a window or putting it on other furniture such as sofa, consoles, etc.

LED lighting

Change the paint color. Changing the paint color is a great idea to gain natural light in your home, especially using dark colors on the walls. My recommendation is that you use colors that are clear. With this I do not tell you to opt for white, but to move on clear tonalities.

If your room is white I recommend that you complement it with light gray, cream, beige, brown, etc. but always in low saturations so that the colors do not absorb light but quite the opposite.

Remember, LED lighting colors are the most recommended in interior decoration because they go very well with classic, traditional, current and modern styles.

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