small living room look bigger

10 ideas to make the small living room look bigger than it is

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Size Matters? Maybe yes! Especially when it comes to being comfortable at home, for which they are never more than a few extra square meters. Here you will find 10 ideas to make small living room look bigger.

In this article I am not going to tell you how you can make your room bigger because that is not always possible and it is usually accompanied by a reform, but I will give you a series of ideas that will make your room look bigger than which is visually. Something is something, right?

1) A room open to other rooms

small living room look bigger

A closed living room is a room that cannot grow, which is clearly delimited. If you try to open it, look for a more loft-like solution, you’ll make small living room look bigger than it is. Normally it opens to a dining room or a kitchen, and it even happens that it opens onto a terrace, which is a wonder for the gain of natural light and for the fact of connecting with the outside.

2) Built-in cabinets and shelves

small living room look bigger

Without your living room growing in square meters, it will look much bigger if the cabinets and shelves you are using are recessed in the wall. It is very likely that you must hire a professional to do this, but I assure you it is worth it because the result is completely different to make small living room look bigger.

3) Clear and white floor for the walls

small living room look bigger

Light colors are ideal for visually enlarging spaces and make small living room look bigger, so try to apply them both on the floor and on the walls for that purpose. If the floor is made of wood, try to make it a clear wood, as is the case of pine, maple, birch, beech, poplar … Bamboo, which is not a wood in itself, can also be your ally in that sense.

4) Larger and more open windows

small living room look bigger

The amount of natural light that enters the room can make it look more or less large. That means that everything possible must be done to clear the windows, removing all kinds of objects that may obstruct the passage of light and placing curtains that are of vaporous fabrics. In addition, you can also consider to make small living room look bigger by enlarging the size of the windows.

5) Minimalism and harmony

small living room look bigger

There is no decorative style that can come better to your living room than the minimalist, at least if what you are looking for is to look as large as possible. You will put into practice the “less is more” and you will force yourself to maintain an order that is fundamental. In addition, minimalism tends to reward that there is a certain decorative harmony that is necessary to make the room look bigger, since the fact that there is a combination of colors, textures and prints that do not go in the same line does not allow us to reach the objective stated in this entry.

6) Plants can help

small living room look bigger

It seems that the plants cannot help, right? Well, they help, and a lot. Not only do they clean the air and brighten up the day with their presence, but they also serve to connect us with the outside, with nature, which inevitably leads us to think that we are in a bigger room.

7) Clear central space

small living room look bigger

Distribution also counts, and in that sense the best distribution for a small room is what allows the central part to be clear. It will seem to be wider when you have attached furniture and accessories to the wall as floor lamps.

8) Multi-Functional furniture

small living room look bigger

As it is about saving space, so as not to have to fill the furniture room you can resort to those that are multi-functional. A sofa-bed or a desk that folds into the wall are good examples of this, as are furniture that has storage space.

9) A large carpet

small living room look bigger

A big carpet? Yes, a big carpet. It seems counterproductive, but it can actually make the room look bigger than it really is. If you manage to place it under the sofa and on the coffee table, you will be right, since your eyes will not know where it ends and that will play in your favor. We could say that you will not be marking a limited space as you would with a carpet that only goes 10 centimeters beyond the perimeter of the dining room table.

10) Create a focal point

small living room look bigger

In very small rooms, so that the protagonism does not take the lack of square meters must move tab. How? Creating a focal point that distracts attention, a corner that powerfully attracts whoever is watching the composition of the room. For example, you can place a very nice tapestry on the wall of the sofa that makes the view go immediately there.

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