Tips for Growing Orchids Indoor

Tips for Growing Orchids Indoor

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Orchid is a unique and magical plant. How to create the best conditions for this flower? How to take good care of it? How to give yourself the joy to observe the harmonious development and flowering of your favorite orchid? Indeed, the closer the conditions of growing orchids in the house to those that the plant has in nature, the more likely that the flower will like its new home, and it will thank you with abundant flowering. The most common kinds of orchids now are Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Oncidium and Odontiod, Cymbidium or Cattleya. Almost all these plants are adapted to home conditions, and it is not difficult to grow them, much easier than many other plants for which earth and pots for orchids indoors are needed. Despite the fact that, of course, there are general rules for growing orchids at home, but real success can be guaranteed only if each type will approached individually, given the regime of watering, the peculiarities of caring for roots and leaves.

Soil and pot

To understand how to grow your favorite orchid in a house or apartment, you need to know the features of the choice of capacity and soil for planting a flower. Cultivation of plants is carried out in a pot, which must meet the following requirements:

  • is able to support the flower in an upright position;
  • provides access to the roots for oxygen and moisture;
  • promotes effective drying of the substrate.

The necessary characteristics are plastic pots, wire pots and nets. Orchid Phalaenopsis and its other varieties are most often planted in pots with transparent walls, so that the roots can participate in the process of photosynthesis.

Lighting and temperature

 Phalaenopsis loves a half-shadow. When placing the flower pot on a window sill, avoid direct sunlight. Artificial lighting for orchids is allowed. To do this, you can use special phytolamps, which are intended for additional illumination of indoor plants. Such a lamp for indoor orchids is sold in specialized stores.


An important aspect of how to grow orchids in an apartment is to comply with the water regime. Watering the flower is carried out only when the substrate dries up. Concerning how to correctly determine the degree of dryness of the substrate, there are several ways (poke the ground with a finger or a stick, etc.). Water the plant only by standing warm water.

Perfect conditions

Care at home for Phalaenopsis involves the observance of certain parameters of temperature, humidity and light. Let’s consider in more detail, what care, and what parameters should be observed when nurturing these colors. The secrets of growing orchids will be available to you.


These plants should grow at a humidity of 60-80%. In order to achieve this level, the plant is periodically sprayed with water, and also ventilated. Ventilation is important for cold-resistant varieties. Also, tips for breeding can give experienced flower growers. Like any other plant, there are many other useful tips to make your plant beautiful and healthy.

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