Is shabby chic finally dead? and what it replacing it?

Is shabby chic finally dead? and what it replacing it?

If you have an interest in home office furnishing, you will probably have heard of shabby chic.

According to House to Home, shabby chic is one of the most popular furniture trends ever invented.

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The website describes the style, also called country chic or vintage chic, as mixing antique furniture with pastel colours, lace and feminine florals.  It encompasses a soft, distressed, aged look, and has been a popular choice for bedrooms and living rooms throughout the country for some time.  This could work for an office space but normally professional business owners go for a modern day look and get a new desk, choose from a selection of Operator Chairs from sites like

But has it finally had its day? Although not many interior designers hail it as the big thing for this year, it’s probably too early to hold its funeral.

Search the interior design websites and you’ll find little mention of the trend. Several influential newspapers forecasted the death of shabby chic way back in 2010, but if you visit a local antique dealer, you will no doubt find the showroom full to bursting with tatty chests and lacy tables. There is still demand for the look.

Changing tastes

The problem, of course, is that trends come and go, tastes change as often as the weather and fashion is dictated to us from on high. If you want shabby chic furniture in your life, you can certainly find some, or indeed, create some yourself, as the trend lends itself to upcycling finds from the rubbish tip with a bit of DIY.

Most designers feel that rather than dying, shabby chic has merely grown up. Its preference for pastels has waned and transferred its allegiance to boulder, less girly, colours. While old is still ‘in,’ certainly in many quarters, there is more of a move towards more modern designs.
Bristol bespoke furniture specialists, Simon Kohn, has seen a trend towards a more sophisticated shabby chic, with mid-century modern furniture increasingly popular for upcycling.

Go bespoke

If you are hankering for a new look for your bedroom, lounge, dining room or even boardroom, you could always consider going bespoke. That way you get exactly the look you need for your home.

There are plenty of firms who can help you create the look you want.

Whatever your tastes – shabby or minimalist, contemporary or traditional – you can find it at a retailer near you.

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