10 beautiful wooden houses with ideas to copy

wooden houses

10 beautiful wooden houses with ideas to copy

Going home after having a very strenuous work day. It would not be nice if I did not have a wooden house.

Houses made entirely of wood, with natural, rustic materials, both indoors. And outdoors, are an unparalleled rest area for human life in a natural environment.

Architecture offers us different styles and trends. Some houses complement its structure with glass and concrete, to give it some solid love with the very attractive futuristic style.

Whichever style your taste has chosen, the well-being and comfort that a wooden house allows will be incomparable.

Today we have compiled 10 beautiful wooden houses, different from each other. Join us and on the tour, we will talk a little more about each of them.

1.Houses of beams wooden houseswooden houses

The wood used in this house is undoubtedly very worked to give it a beautiful view. The planks are mounted horizontally on top of each other, the beams of the roof of the house rest on the columns that serve as support for the rest, as you can see in the image, it forms a very resistant structure and maintains its strength, even in strong storms.

Another successful advantage of these houses, is the thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition, that this style of the wooden house does not necessarily require painting, it can be protected with a coating of lacquer, glossy or matt enamel.

2.House of registration wooden houseswooden houses

The most important advantage of building wooden houses is that they can be built very quickly.

The houses built of logs, as seen in the image, are very attractive, but it should be considered that these wooden houses require that the floor be firm, because its structure is four times heavier than a brick and the same size.

The treated pine trunks are better for wooden houses, as they retain their strength, even under heavy rain. Finally, we remind you that wooden houses require regular maintenance.

3.Woodcarewooden houses

Maintenance for your wooden house is very important, remember that the material is derived from a living organism, and its behavior can vary according to weather conditions.

After a year, in a temperate climate, mineral oil can be applied to the wood, but in cold climates, it becomes necessary to apply after two or three years and the interior of the wooden houses must be maintained every five to six years. The brick wall of a house should receive every year or two, a hand of lime diluted in water, to protect it.

4.The rustic and the modern harmonizewooden houses

Observe the slab of the lower floor and the top panel of solid wood, agree in their softness and smoothness, harmonize in depth and form. On the ground floor, there is a rustic feel that combines with the modern, on the second floor of the house there is an artistic pine painting with a modern frame, the combination of these two extreme styles is beautiful and you deserve it.

5. It is made of wood and has everythingwooden houses

Modern technology allows you to easily design complete wooden houses, due to a large number of materials and accessories that exist in the market. For example, this house has all the details of a concrete house, welcomes guests in a large courtyard built on a concrete floor. The moldings and columns give an air of sophistication to the house, which even has a fireplace. The roof covering, the different columns fall from the roof to a concrete overlay. The garden also includes a wooden pergola Varanda.

6.With minimalist stylewooden houses

This project has abundant details and ornaments, the wooden panels used in the vertical and horizontal format, the horizontal lines give a sense of depth and perspective to this wooden house, the matt metal rails also help to generate the same effect in the plane. The metal frames of the large glass doors, give the house a modern touch. For its delicacy and fragility to naturally exhibit the interior of it.

7.Field Stylewooden houses

Simple and convenient These two fundamental characteristics reflect the style of this project, giving a magnificent appearance to this house. The wood is extremely simple, the straight lines of the roof, of the columns. And of the whole structure, create a nice contrast with the gray colors of the ceiling. White of the cornices, yellow of the walls and columns, and finally with the fresh green of the yerba. Within the celestial sky, easily located in a country landscape.

8.Chaletwooden houses

On one side of the mountain and overlooking the sea, this wooden house is one of the most private selection. Built on a foundation of stones and concrete, it gains height, texture, and grandeur.

Wood and glass come together, to provide a modern touch. We can see that on one side there is an infinity pool that increases its value twice. The wooden houses in a natural landscape are a success, everyone wants to live in a pool front.

9.With engineering requirementswooden houses

The prefabricated houses are distributed throughout the land, prepared in advance with calculation. And criteria of a professional engineer, by request and style. Surrounded by wood panels, glass and different materials withstand rain and snow.

10.Modern beautywooden houses

Each side of the house is made of solid wood, it is so remarkable that even at first glance it looks solid and imposing, but significantly different.

Each environment is a welcome contrast to the creation of this house. The use of color draws attention and lighting calls for success.

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