How to restore leather sofa in the living room?

leather sofa in the living room

How to restore leather sofa in the living room?

The other day, a friend asked me to do a decorating project for her new room. In which are two superb contemporary sofas newly upholstered in camel leather, with a certain caramel tinge. In this article, we discuss how to restore leather sofa in the living room. 

How to restore leather sofa?

leather sofa in the living room


Previously, these sofas were yellow and, as usual, the decoration of their living room was in keeping with that yellow color so young that the sofas looked. When upholstering, the change has been radical, and not only for the sofa, of course, but for the entire room.

The fact is that now, he told me, the only thing that was seen in the living room were the sofas, they seemed too excessive, and to some extent, I was worried if he had not “screwed up” by upholstering them with that material so particular that they have. Keep reading

Reupholster sofa

leather sofa in the living room

At this point, in addition to being outraged because he had crossed the mind the simple idea of being wrong to reupholster a sofa that is one of the best. The best material for a sofa, besides being elegant and timeless and know how to age like good wine. I had to take out the phone and look for some pictures of some salons that sported this type of sofas, to reassure and show the elegance, class, and personality. It can be acquired by a living room with leather sofas. Remove it from the head the ridiculous idea of a possible error when choosing leather to reupholster sofas.

When seeing the images, his face was changing from expectation to immense joy, when verifying one of the possibilities that a sofa of these characteristics offers. So, today I thought that, just as my friend had some doubts, surely there are more people who can feel the same, and I have decided not only to dispel the doubts of my dear ally but those of anyone who has doubts about whether a sofa Leather is a good idea, aesthetically speaking.

Sofa covers

leather sofa in the living room

Although it can be combined in many different ways and in any environment, with Berber carpets it is spectacular, as we see in the image above of this paragraph, in the elegant and warm room. In addition, with touches of blue, both the blue and the sofa itself are enhanced, creating a very successful combination of colors.

Here we see how a leather sofa works in a minimalist living room, with dark wood on the floor, black furniture, and white walls. He takes all eyes, yes, but not because of the recharge or incongruity with the scene, but because of the class and the distinction, he gives to space.

In this other room that does not have a defined style but a successful potpourri of materials, furniture and styles, the leather sofa seems born to occupy that space.

Extra tips

leather sofa in the living room

If you plan to use the sofa as an element that divides two areas of the same space, you must pay the same attention to the seats and backrest as the back of the sofa.

This other room, with a white and black palette of colors, minimalist and elegant, not only has one but two leather sofas. You might think that, in a space where the walls have no role, putting two leather sofas would be excessive, burdensome, and even more if the floor is made of wood, but not, quite the opposite: the sofas, next to the floor of wood, complete what is missing from the rest of the brief scene.

Another similar example, the room has industrial dyes, and that the leather, well … loves it. Let’s see another example:

The windows and the enclosure in black with glass panels offer an industrial look. The sofa fits perfectly with this aesthetic. The leather is one of the favorite materials in the industrial style, along with wood and metal.

Even with furniture and wood floors, which share a tone similar to that of sofas, if all of it is wrapped in a uniform monochromatic palette, a coherent and balanced scene will be visualized. The closer we get with the color of the walls to the tone of the furniture, the more uniform the room will look.

In this rustic room, we can appreciate a beautiful camel leather sofa darker, but it fits perfectly with the vast finishes of the rest of the space.

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