House cleaning: 10 tips that will make life easier for you

house cleaning

House cleaning: 10 tips that will make life easier for you

House cleaning- We tell you how to do without unnecessary efforts with routine cleaning, using economical and environmentally friendly means: from combating dust to washing with lemon juice and removing stains with chalk.

Unsystematic cleaning threatens to drag on for a long time and even spoil your weekend. It’s time to pull yourself together and properly organize work around the house so that it does not take too much time from you. In one post we collected 10 useful articles about cleaning: you will learn how to maintain the perfect order and impeccable cleanliness, without applying for this titanic effort, get rid of dust mites and quickly wash the windows.

 How to simplify house cleaninghouse cleaning

Cleaning the house is not always a pleasant experience, but you can make it easier. For example, it is necessary to plan cleaning in advance, to clean up a little, but often, and do not forget to vacuum the floor before washing. If you use the right dust cloth and car wiper for shower walls, as well as other secrets of professional cleaning companies, the house will shine with cleanliness.

How to deal with dust

Dust, accumulating in huge quantities in any city apartment, is not at all harmless: it can cause asthma, allergies and other diseases. There are effective ways of fighting that you did not know about: freeze soft toys, get rid of dust collectors – fluffy carpets and soft toys, and do not refuel the bed in the morning.

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 How to facilitate the cleaning process

Keep the house clean is not so difficult if you develop a habit of order and guided by some simple principles. For example, use special mats for the shelves of the refrigerator and containers for bulk products, stick to the list of household chores and apply a steam cleaner. This universal device will easily clean the seams between the tiles, adhere to the dirt on the kitchen furniture and at the same time rid the bacteria.

The budget ideas for effective washing

Modern household appliances made laundry much easier. However, folk recipes have not lost their relevance. With the help of simple and affordable tools such as chalk, soda, and tablets for dishwasher, you can get rid of the hardest stains – even from coffee and red wine. Simple and environmentally friendly!

Ideas for express cleaning

Everyone dreams and lives in a clean apartment, and does not spend on cleaning their precious time. This is quite realistic if you learn how to do the rapid cleaning, resorting to simple tricks. Vinegar quickly removes the limescale in the bathroom, and ordinary salt in two counts will clean the dirt from the soleplate of the iron. Keep clean can be easy and at ease.

Nothing superfluous

While maintaining order in the apartment, do not forget about the contents of the wardrobe. Without regrets, part with the long-forgotten clothes, properly organize the storage of small items in special containers and remove seasonal clothing for storage – do not forget to clean or wash it beforehand. Thanks to these simple actions, finding the right thing will become much easier, and your wardrobe will not be clogged with clothes of a decade ago.

Plans for the weekend

In the kitchen, there are always drops of grease, stains, steam from the prepared dishes … This requires a particularly frequent and thorough cleaning, and it is better to do it with the help of environmentally friendly and economical means that are always at hand, for example, salt and soda. Quickly and easily wash the refrigerator, incidentally getting rid of the spoiled products, clean the microwave, fix the facades and tiles in order – and it’s done.

 We do the cleaning of the bathroom

Brilliant bathroom, white ceramics, and clean tiles – all this can be achieved easily and at ease if you make a list of the things in advance and stick to it. We tell you how to properly remove stains from painted walls, tiles and mirrors, and also how to choose plants that will decorate your bathroom and transfer moisture and lean lighting. A beautiful and clean bathroom is easy.

 How to wash windows without difficulty

In the city the windows are very quickly covered with a layer of soot and dust, they require regular maintenance. And what if you live on the 16th floor, and you need to wash the windows? There are several ways to do this quickly and safely. You can use the latest devices and tools for washing windows, with which professionals work, and you can use grandmothers, proven to be effective.

How to maintain order in the house

If there is chaos around, it’s time to take control of the situation and put things in order in the apartment. There are several effective ways to do this. For example, you can add a set of bed linens along with a sheet, sign the names of household appliances on forks and chargers or store the necessary small items in the egg box.

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