Maintenance tips for your windows

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The windows in our homes give us a view of the world outside and also help to keep us safe from the elements. They also provide us with all-important access to natural sunlight. During the winter months, it is noticeable how much sunlight can have a positive impact on our mental health and our overall well being. In order to be able to fulfil their function, it is important that you regularly inspect and maintain your windows. Here are some ideas on how you can do this.

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Cleaning – having your windows clean is not just about aesthetics. Of course, nobody wants their windows to be covered in dirt and grime, but it also helps to prevent scratches and other issues such as mould and moss build-up from occurring. Window cleaners will also be able to help you clean other areas such as your guttering.

Glass check – it is important to check your glass regularly to look for scratches and cracks. If you notice damage to your glass you can speak with a Gloucester Double Glazing company such as to come and fix this or replace the window for you. It is important that you get any damage to the glass looked at quickly so as to help prevent further issues from arising in the future.

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Seals – the seals around your window are what help to hold it in place and they also help to prevent cold air from entering in around the gaps in the window frame. Over time it is common for the seals to wear and in some cases erode away. You can easily replace these by removing the old sealant, cleaning out the area and then adding in new sealant to secure the frame once again.

Locks – the windows in our buildings also help to provide an added level of security. It is important that you check your window locks and closing mechanisms on a regular basis. If you have a lock that is not functioning correctly or a window that is not securely closing, not only can this cause issues with the warmth of your building, but it can also cause problems with security. In some cases you may need to simply add some oil to the mechanisms in both your windows and the locks. This added level of lubrication can help the mechanism move more securely.

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