Keeping your Kitchen Sink Healthy

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So much goes on in the kitchen – it is the main part of the home when it comes to household chores and keeps the home running smoothly – from washing to cooking, the kitchen is also the room where the family can come together, so looking after it is important if you want it to look after you!

When something goes wrong in the kitchen we tend to think of the big electrical appliances – the cooker, the washing machine or the freezer for example. These things can be really disruptive, so we take care to look after those things, but something that many people often tend to ignore is the humble kitchen sink.

The sink is something that we barely notice really until something goes wrong with it – from slow draining water, to a full-on blocked pipe that you need to have dealt with by an expert like this drain lining company When it comes to the sink, many problems are avoidable if you do some of these things to care for it…

Regularly use soda crystals– Soda crystals are an inexpensive and easy way to keep the water flowing down the plughole as it should be. Use boiling water and pour it down the sink, then add soda crystals, then add more boiling water. Done once a week this treatment will reduce your chances of having a sink blockage and keep it from smelling bad. Soda crystals are better than the more dangerous chemicals and are cheap and easy to buy from most supermarkets.

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Don’t pour oils, fats or food waste down the sink – One of the worst things that you can do for the kitchen sink and the main culprit of kitchen sink blockages are oils and fats and other food particles blocking up the pipe. This also causes problems further along in the sewers where they join together to create huge fatbergs.

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If you notice that something isn’t right, respond straight away – One of the worst things that you can do if you notice a problem with the sink such as slow draining water or a bad smell coming from the sink is to leave it. It is only going to get worse. The sooner you tackle the problem the easier it will be to deal with.

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