CNC Punching Machines – Why are they so Useful in Manufacturing?

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Manufacturing requires the use of lots of different specialist machines and technologies, and today we are going to look at the use of CNC punching machines like this

CNC stands for computer numerically controlled, and these machines are typically used in the manufacturing of sheet metal. They are great for being able to create very precise patterns and marks on sheet metal, and because they are able to be programmed, they are always uniform, and many patterns can be made on the metal which are programmed into the software of the computer.

A cad (computed aided design) file is used to be able to programme these patterns to be generated, and then a CAM (computer aided manufacturing) file will be used to control and select the best tools to be able to create the desired effect. It can also help with the layout of the design on the sheet metal.

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One of the reasons that these machines are so popular in manufacturing is the fact that they are so versatile. They can be used on a huge range of different metals, as well as other materials like woods and even plastics. The designs are also something that you can tailor completely to whatever you want. It isn’t just basic shapes that these machines can produce, they are more than capable of being programmed to produce pretty much anything, which is why they are also great for engineering and design work.

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Once the desired shapes and style has been programmed into the machine, the process is then a quick one. You have the ability to reproduce the same shape as many times as you want, which then means that it is easy to create the same thing over and over. Because the computers are also so advanced, the machines are also able to reduce the amount of waste that is produced and calculate the most efficient way of producing the product with minimal wastage, so this saves money and resources.

Because the machine does the work for you, this also means that the risk of injury to people working with the tools is very small, as all that is required is for the machine to be programmed then it can get on with the job for you!

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