cozy living rooms

Ideas for cozy living rooms

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Normally, during this time of year we would like to stay at home, so we will not only have to adjust the heating, but we will do everything possible to make the different rooms of our house warmer and more welcoming. Especially the cozy living rooms, which is where we spend most of the time we are at home, either in solitude or with the company of family and friends.

Getting a room that conveys a sense of wellbeing with just looking at it is not complicated, but to make it easier, today we are going to show you few ideas of cozy living rooms. In addition, we will take the opportunity to give you some interesting tips and ideas. Would you like to join us?

cozy living rooms

Walls in warmer tones

White is a very suitable color to paint the walls of small and dimly lit rooms. However, if your goal is to achieve a warmer and more welcoming stay, the best option may be to choose slightly warmer colors, such as beige, which also visually enlarges spaces. Yellow, peach, pastel and brown are also very suitable.

If you finally opt for the target, do not forget to follow some of the recommendations that we give you below. Otherwise, your room will seem too cold.

cozy living rooms

Add a carpet

If you want your cozy living room to look warmer and more welcoming, the ideal is to introduce a carpet in the space, especially in warm and soft fabrics such as wool. The ideal, of course, is that you opt for a design in keeping with the rest of the decoration.

cozy living rooms

Power natural light

Another key to make your cozy living room look more welcoming is to maximize natural light. You can get it by betting on light colors for furniture, floors and walls; choosing curtains of light fabrics, introducing mirrors in the room.

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cozy living rooms

Wood, the warmest material

If there is a material that provides warmth and, therefore, can make the rooms much more welcoming, it is wood, which can be present in different elements of the room, such as the floor and furniture. Special mention deserve the pickling, which harmonize the environments.

As natural wood is delicate and expensive, you can also choose furniture and floors in synthetic materials, which are similar in appearance and texture. In this sense, we must emphasize the vinyl floors, which offer many advantages. As for fabrics, velvet, chenille, corduroy and wool are ideal for warmth.

cozy living rooms

Customize the space

Of course, to get a more cozy living rooms it is essential that you add your personal touch to the space through the cushions, photographs, paintings, decorative elements that mean something to you …

Mention deserves natural details such as baskets for firewood, candle holders, centerpieces or plants, which play an important role in decorating the home. In addition, you already know that they provide numerous benefits.

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