A sofa and three decorative styles

decorative styles

A sofa and three decorative styles

Yes, you have read the headline in our article well. With a single sofa we can get up to three totally different looks. You do not believe it? In that case, take a look at the keys that we propose below three decorative styles.

The base will be a sofa in a neutral color, like gray, and of timeless and contemporary style. The secret to transform this furniture are the accessories. The cushions, the plaids, the carpet, the coffee table, etc. We tell you how to get it: a sofa and three decorative styles. Let the show begin!

decorative styles

A modern look

A picture here, a plaid over there and … voila! We have already achieved a contemporary decorative styles living room in a few simple steps. To recreate this aesthetic, do not forget to accompany your sofa with geometric patterned cushions that will add textures and put a very trendy touch.

The flowers will help you to refresh the environment, avoiding aesthetics to be too sober. Opt for a floral arrangement on the coffee table and another XL version on the side of the sofa.

And speaking of coffee tables, being a contemporary aesthetic, we recommend choosing a chic table with geometric structure and some trend material. For example, marble, glass or metallized surfaces. Choose lightweight and light designs that decorate, without overloading the decoration.

A modern and functional wall sconce will allow you to bet on the minimalist and modern aesthetics, without losing sight of practicality. The final brooch comes in charge of the paintings. Choose the design that you like most and in a tone that combines with the set and that is present in some of the pieces. In this way it will not cost you to integrate the pictures into the environment.

decorative styles

An eclectic and bohemian look

If yours are mixtures, dare to mix pieces and decorative styles. For example, you can break the seriousness of the modern gray sofa with some seats in some funny pattern, like the zigzag.

Dare also with some exotic carpet, kilim type that adds color and introduces textures. And instead of the typical coffee table, you can choose an unexpected piece like a trunk. To give life to your sofa, opt for colorful cushions and light the area with some exotic carpet.

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You can also dress the sofa with some plaid with animal or ethnic print. You can even decorate the sofa area with a special picture, such as an African landscape or a wild animal.

Do not forget to refresh with plants, like a cactus, which is also fashionable. And maybe instead of the traditional coffee table, you can choose a side table made of vegetable fibers that adds an exotic, light and fresh brushstroke.

If you want to personalize your living room, nothing better than adding decorative treasures to other countries. Or pictures of loved ones and friends, souvenirs, special memories … So you will achieve an eclectic and totally unique room.

decorative styles

A glam and sophisticated look

Do you want to show off a magazine room? Then bet on the glamor that is only achieved with the gold pieces.

A lamp, a lantern, a wall lamp or even a coffee table or auxiliary table. The gold has a special brightness that will illuminate and completely transform your discreet gray sofa. Introduce the gold in small accessories distributed throughout the space or in a large piece that becomes the center of all eyes.

As for textiles, nothing fancy better than velvet. Also add some transparent furniture, for example through a coffee table or auxiliary. Do not forget to refresh with a leafy plant and zoning the sofa with some abstract and minimalist painting.

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