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How to decorate the house in white

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The white color is one of the main protagonists to decorate the house. An example of tone that does not go out of style. On the basis of this color you can create chromatic contrasts by means of the brushstroke of the complements or, on the contrary, create a monochrome space that uses this concept as its maximum expression. How to decorate the house in white?

White and Grey

decorate the house

The black and white binomial is one of the universal in decoration. However, these are not the only opposites that harmonize with each other creating a balanced set that invites welfare. From this integration of both tones you can create an attractive landscape in the interior of an open decoration space that adds the essence of the kitchen and living room creating a cozy whole that invites you to be in this center of the home that is the great protagonist of many of the special moments of the routine.

Dressing Room in White

decorate the house

The dressing room is one of the preferred rooms of the house of many people who enjoy the language of fashion in their daily routine. A dressing room in which to organize in an orderly fashion garments of different seasons of the year, footwear and accessories. Just as one of the current trends is to locate a central island in the kitchen, this same scheme also reflects a habitual distribution of the dressing room.

This central island in white offers you an extra storage to store some of your products, but you can also place on its surface some ornamental detail such as a bouquet of flowers that adds light to the place.

The aesthetics of this dressing room can show the structure of an open piece of furniture. You can also keep this original essence with glass doors that reveal the interior.

Colored Textiles

decorate the house

One of the advantages of white color is that it combines with a wide range of tonalities. This visual strength increases the creativity around environments that integrate this element as main and that are completed with the perspective of the color of textiles. For example, cushions placed symmetrically on a sofa or on the bed.

The number of cushions will be related to the characteristics of proportion of the place where these complements are located in spring or summer. The own views of an exterior landscape that is integrated in the interior by means of a window that shows this perspective adds color to the place. Likewise, art also dresses the walls like in a gallery.

Bathroom Decoration

decorate the house

The versatility of the white color is evident in the fact that a decoration plan can integrate this base and personalize it from the context of each room of the house creating a link between the home and its different rooms. How to complete this tone in the bathroom? For example, creating a contrast with a mirror with some original characteristic or adding the white in small proportions.

Therefore, the white light adds beauty to all the rooms.

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