Flooring makeoevers and the leftover waste

Flooring makeoevers and the leftover waste

You may have seen some unusual floors in your time – maybe in sumptuous palaces across Europe, or in the form of beautiful mosaics in the remains of Roman villas. But you’ve probably never seen anything like the kitchen floor which has recently been laid in a humble semi-detached in Shropshire.

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The flooring, created by homeowners Matt Giles and his partner Amy, was painstakingly created using nothing more than 27,000 one-penny pieces, plus a bit of resin to keep them all together.

Something completely different

Matt, 34, and Amy, 36, who both work in IT, decided to create the unusual flooring after ripping up the new lino floor in their kitchen and searching for something completely different to replace it.

The pair have lived in their home in Telford for around 10 years and had been unhappy with their new lino flooring because it was already being marked, despite only being down a short time.

According to the Good Housekeeping Institute, lino is usually pretty tough and resilient but, unlike vinyl, has to be waxed to keep it in good condition.

It took the couple – helped by a few friends – around six weeks to lay their innovative new floor and set them back just £270 (the price of the pennies) plus the cost of the grout and resin to finish it off. The resin will help stop the pennies fading in the future.

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Thousands of coppers

They had to visit numerous post offices and banks in order to change some hard-earned cash for the thousands of coppers needed for their floor, which measures 10m by 10m.

The pair, and their many visitors, are very pleased with their new, homemade flooring. They say it is warmer than they expected, and they believe it will be very hard wearing. And they definitely welcome the change!

If you’re tired of, or unhappy with, your current floor covering you may want to consider laminate flooring, because of its versatility, durability and reasonable price.  Then once you have ripped up your old flooring get in touch with a Llanelli skip hire company at sites like pendragonskiphire.co.uk/llanelli-skip-hire/

You may not end up with a floor as unusual as that belonging to Matt and Amy, but you can rest assured you’ll be happy with it. There is a large variety of colours and textures available, to suit all tastes and pockets.

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