Perennial plants for the beach house: these are the easiest to grow!

Perennial plants

Perennial plants for the beach house: these are the easiest to grow!

Can not choose perennial plants for the beach house? You have a terrace or a garden near the beach, with a breathtaking view, but you have no idea what the right choice for green spaces is?

The green thumb is not your forte? No problem: you can furnish the outdoor and indoor spaces with perennial plants for the beach house, colored and perfect for the surrounding environment, ideal for recreating angles of pure relaxation, which is everything you seek after a tan in the sun.

Perennial plants perfect for the beach house

Perennial plants

The Bougainvillea are the most curious and original choice: perfect for the balcony of the sea and the garden, they love the sun, they can stay under direct light without any particular problems, they create an elegant optical effect. The bougainvillea, moreover, are climbers and can also be applied on a wall or entrance gate. They need a constant and daily watering but they will surely make the difference.

Among the perennial plants for the beach house, you can also choose oleanders: they are perfect even in pots and do not create particular problems if exposed to direct sunlight: they only need a constant watering! Born in the Mediterranean, the oleanders are already accustomed to the climate of the sea places.

These are plants that can withstand even during long periods when you do not live in the house. And you’ll find them strong and healthy even in the following season! Every year you have to prune them to prevent them from growing too much and then watering them in the hottest season. Still insecure? Here are some other tips!

Rose wrinkled

Perennial plants

If you live near the beach, do not despair. The Sophora is one of the few plants that can survive even in a dune. Its flowers are cheerful and have a color ranging from purple access to pale pink. Plant it near the path that leads to the beach, or in the garden in a sandy ground, it will be very elegant.

Equally colored are the Rugose roses : they resist very well to the cold and the shrub of a wrinkled rose can reach even the meter of height. The reason why it is called “rugosa” must be found in its leaves, which have some veining characteristics, which during the autumn take on very suggestive colors. The flowers are quite large and can be born alone or in groups and, like any perennial plant, does not need special care , because it is very robust and resists well at any temperature.

Lavender bushes

Perennial plants

Among the perennial plants for the beach house, have you ever thought about lavender? It is very resistant, it lives very well even near the sand and has a thousand uses: it drives away the mosquitoes, but can also be used to perfume the wardrobe and as an aromatic herb for a good herbal tea . And it is Provence immediately!

The plum tree is a very easy plant to grow, produces prunes to make jam: it blooms in spring with white flowers and then generates these fruits in early autumn. It is also a very scenic plant that almost does not need any care.

The feverfew , however, is a wild plant that grows abundantly in Italy. It can be found in inhospitable, stony and uncultivated places, and in ornamental gardens. He needs very little treatment and is used to relieve headaches.

The garden in the garden in the house by the sea: all the suggestions

Perennial plants

Just as you can see in the opening video dedicated to the house by the sea, the garden , in this case, for position and exposure to the sun, lends itself perfectly also to organize a vegetable garden !

Compared to perennial plants, the garden needs more care and more dedication but, if it is a holiday, it could be a really fun and relaxing hobby, to be followed with constancy, however, throughout the year. What to grow? Vegetables that will be the protagonists of many grilling with friends !

With the hottest months of summer, do not forget to frequently irrigate your green space. It is the right time to harvest tomatoes , cucumbers , zucchini , cabbage , potatoes , peppers and to start sowing spinach .

The vegetable garden in the beach house

Perennial plants

Near the sea, where the climate is mild and particularly temperate, you can also sow salad like rocket. In the hottest period. In addition, the summer one, do not forget to fertilize the soil with organic material. So, as to prepare it for the autumn. Seed by taking into account the depth of sowing (at least 2 or 3 cm from the surface) and watered continuously and carefully, but avoiding stagnation. You may also like http://wikimodel.org/business-ideas/tips-for-buying-a-luxury-home/

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