When Drains Go Wrong – How CCTV Drainage Surveys can Help

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We barely give a second thought to our drains – working away unseen, they take the wastewater away from our homes and keep us safe from unpleasant smells and water borne illnesses as they have done since the Victorian times in the UK. However, when something does go wrong with the drains, it usually doesn’t take long to notice. Signs that you have a drainage problem can include plug holes not letting water drain down them, or taking a long time to do so, unpleasant smells coming from the plugholes, or outdoors noticing that drains are overflowing.

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Sometimes it can be fairly easy to find the source of the problem, but if not the best thing to do is to contact an expert like Wilkinson Environmental and they will be able to thoroughly investigate by doing CCTV Drainage Surveys.

These are done using special cameras which are put into the drains and can be used then to look for the many problems inside the drains – there may be damage to the pipes, build-up of matter or parts of the pipework which have not been installed properly. A camera will pick up anything like this inside the drains.

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Once this has been done, you will then know how to go about dealing with the problem, and how big of a problem it is. Usually once the problem area has been identified, it is not something which is too time consuming to put right.

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