Using Oak in construction is a good idea.

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There are many types of wood that can be used in construction but by far and away the best for such purposes is that of oak.  Oak, if treated correctly with varnishes and paint and  chemicals can last a lifetime.  This solid hardwood is one of the best for building and is still used frequently today. It is sourced from sustainable and ecologically friendly sites Oak represents the best choice in many aspects for building projects. Structural Oak Beams for example are considered one of the best substitutes for any other kind by builders as the link above shows.

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Oaks are by their nature extremely hardy.  It is quite easy to imagine  as well you look at this huge tree  that it would form the best  basis for building material.  Although the felling of the tree would take some considerable time it was considered well worth the effort. The development of the axe and chainsaw certainly improved greatly when faced with chopping down this mighty tree.  The other advantage was that the branches of the Oak are also very thick and numerous.  You may not need to cut down the tree at all in the first place.  They’re also very tough.  Even if is severely damaged there is a chance that you can keep it going with the using of grafting from other Oak parts onto it.

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Not only that once it is prepared and treated it has a beautiful shine and colour to it.  This can be greatly enhanced with the use of varnishes and wood stain which further add to the Oaks ability to withstand impact, moisture and the cold. 

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