The first type of drains to be used.

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From the dawn of human existence the problem of how to safely get rid of our waste has been at the forefront of our minds? Or at least it was in the Indus Valley where the first attempts at drainage by a civilisation was discovered. What Paleo, Meso and Neolithic people did with their waste has so far not been discovered by archaeologists but the popular opinion is that the nearest lake, river or hole in the ground was the most likely destination for it. The people of the Indus valley in Pakistan and Northwest India had begun to live in proper socially grouped dwellings and it seems that they soon realised the accumulation of waste near their homes was not a good idea. Using their fledgling knowledge of clay and stone they created channels and half pipes that could channel some of the water from the Indus into the city and out again. This fast flowing stream allowed them to get rid of their waste safely and quickly.

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Sadly if they had a blockage they could not call on a Blocked Drains Essex based company to help them out. For example  3flow Blocked Drains Essex based company, the one in the link, will easily be able to attend to any issues that you have going on. For the people of the Indus it was a trip out to try and find the problem and clear it with a shovel.

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What is important is that this is the first time that humans tried to do something about it. It was a skill that was soon adopted and copied by the Persians, Chinese and the Greeks.

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