The costs of moving and buying a house.

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What are the costs involved when buying a house? It’s really quite enough to put you off the whole business. However if you’ve got to that point where the place is just too small for your growing family or you want to get on the property ladder in the first place this is where you need to start thinking about the costs.

  1. Using a broker. If you decide that ringing up the bank or mortgage lender is too much of a hassle then a mortgage broker might be a good idea. If you are self employed or have a complicated employed status then the Broker might be a good idea. However most banks will do it for free.
  2. Product fee. It might be that an interest rate will give you a shorter time period to pay a mortgage off depending on your budget. A lower rate can be secured but you might have to pay for it. You could add it onto the mortgage but this will be under the advice of the qualified Mortgage advisor.
  3. Solicitor fees for buying a house. The conveyancer is the person that gets the mortgage over the line and you into the home. Try the link for a good deal.
  4. Valuation fee. Every property must have at least level one valuation or a homebuyers report.
  5. Removal fees. Even if you want to hire a white van and do it yourself you are still looking at the price of all that to consider.
  6. Estate agent fees. These are usually taken out directly at the point of sale of the house.

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