dark rooms

The best colors for dark rooms

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One of the criteria you can take into account when choosing the decoration details of a room is the degree of lighting that room has. Some areas of the house are darker due to their own characteristics. In this case, the choice of colors become a determining factor to generate an effect of visual harmony in dark rooms. The darkest areas of a house are those that do not have exterior views.

The white color in dark rooms

dark rooms

This is one of the most common choices since this tone is, by itself, a manifestation of light. But, in addition, it can be combined with other nuances creating an attractive aesthetic set. The choice of white or of a clear tone is especially practical when your main objective is to give that place of the house a greater visual amplitude. However, if this is not your main purpose, you can expand the field of possibilities to other variants of the chromatic universe.

In a room with white walls you can create suggestive contrasts through photographs and striking pictures that have an ornamental function. That is, you can put the color notes through the accessories. Not only is it possible to create a room that follows the aesthetics of “total white” as a line that brings warmth to a place, but it is also possible to reinforce creativity to define a unique environment based on a set of colors that acquire meaning through its connection with the context.

The blue color in dark rooms

dark rooms

This is one of the colors of nature, therefore, it is a nutritive tone from the point of view of well-being. The light blue can unify the walls of a dark room projecting a larger image. It is also possible to create color contrasts from the blue conductor thread expressed in different shades.

The roof is one of the most important parts of a dark room. To multiply the light effect, choose a light tone to paint it as in the case of this image in which the white contrasts with the blue of other areas of the room.

Pastel color in dark rooms

dark rooms

Another trend applicable to this type of space is one that is defined by the line of pastel shades. This range comes within the chromatic expression of light colors, therefore, in addition to embellishing, they also illuminate. The prominence of this type of formula can go beyond the bedroom to reach other corners of the house this beauty. From the point of view of the soul, the choice of this type of tone serves to project relaxing sensations. The pastel colors are very easy to combine with other options creating an attractive set.

The pastel pink color is attractive, however, it should be integrated in small doses. Otherwise, it can be excessive, especially if it is not located in a children’s area of the house.

Gray and white colors in dark rooms

dark rooms

An alternative to the eternal black and white binomial is the formula integrated by gray and white as the main basis for defining the interior design of a space. The light gray color, combined with this contrast, projects light and elegance. Especially, if once selected this base you choose wooden furniture to customize the place according to your needs.

How to choose the most attractive colors for dark rooms? In the first place, it studies previously the possibilities of that space that, beyond the conditions of light, also has other possibilities. For example, its dimension and its structure. From these elements, you can study the potential of a place.

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