The beauty in a sculpture

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The first and most famous example of a Bronze animal sculpture is that of the mammoth creature T-Rex. Designed back in the 1900s by an Italian artist, this stunning image of a huge Sauropod has stood the test of time because of its realistic features. Though not nearly as impressive as the original plaster replica, or even that of the original model made decades before, a new, smaller-scale version of the same original can be found on the market nowadays. Many artists have added to and altered the original bronze sculpture, making it even more appealing to modern buyers, many of whom are looking for a smaller scale, more realistic image of these awesome beasts. Just take a look at the work of Gill Parker and her Bronze Animal Sculpture.

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Today, many artists have used the skills of bronze artisans in creating more realistic models of animals. There are plenty of options to choose from, so if you’re a lover of all things animal you’ll have no problem finding what you’re looking for.

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These models are so real that they can be found on the market today in sizes ranging from one foot to twenty feet, and in various colours such as red, green, silver, white, and black. You can also get replicas of such animals as lemurs, hippos, turtles, moose, deer, and more. It’s interesting to see how artists have managed to turn the subject matter of ancient mythology into real life art.


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