kitchens with island

Six proposals for decorating kitchens with island

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One of the trends in kitchen decoration is to furnish this room of the house giving a leading role to this corner by means of the location of a central island that is practical and functional. This island is also essential to bring the family together around this cooking space. And, this simple activity also has an emotional effect that promotes communication, the integration of new shared experiences and the sum of memories. This type of plan is not, by its own characteristics, adaptable to the situation map of any type of kitchens.

However, it is especially practical in those large places or in those proposals that follow the line of the open concept. Open and current places that offer a constant welcome. In decoration of kitchens with island, visual thinking is especially inspiring, that is, the observation of an image can orient you and give your ideas to personalize this place in your home. In RusticDecorLiving we show a selection of decoration ideas for kitchens with islands.

Multi-functional space

One of the great advantages of this type of furniture is that you can find a great match in this type of central decoration. For example, in addition to having an additional work area to prepare recipes and enjoy the preparation of new menus, you can also prepare the place in a practical way with stools to start the day at this point in the kitchen around a breakfast healthy. This favorably influences the organization of the place thanks to an excellent management of the available space.

Space differentiation

kitchens with island

There are different ways to create a limit in space and in an open kitchen, lacking the traditional concept of visual lines around walls that delimit the dimension of each place, it is possible to find a point of support in the furniture itself to structure the beauty of the place. Decoration kitchens with island can produce this visual effect not only through its dimension characteristics, but also its color. Therefore, if you have the spaciousness of a loft in your home, this proposal can inspire you to move this suggestion to your home.

A color can become the thread of different rooms that describe the same narrative of interior design through this common feature that is the basis for other chromatic elements, contrasts and compositions.

Storage space

kitchens with island

One of the great advantages of a kitchen island is that you can earn an extra space to store your own kitchen products. It is a storage space that is also characterized by the immediacy of the proximity that offers you to keep some of the products of frequent use in a low-rise cabinet. The order also positively influences the decoration of a place thanks to the visual harmony of the kitchen.

This objective of order can be accompanied by a decoration plan focused on covering this need through the essential means. One of the possible resources is a central island that is useful, as well as aesthetically attractive.

Current decoration

kitchens with island

Those who wish to have a practical and functional kitchen can find the way to take this proposal to the reality of their home through the choice of an island that adjusts to the properties and characteristics of each case.

Modern kitchens with island

kitchens with island

You have so many options to bring this idea to the decoration of your home you just have to dream to customize the kitchen of your dreams around a central island that is synonymous with life for those who love to spend time between stoves and recipes.

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