Ways to Refresh Your Home for Summer 2021

Ways to Refresh Your Home for Summer 2021

When it comes to our homes, we are a nation of home improvers – but we may have seen more of the inside of our home than we would have liked the last year or so, with ongoing lockdowns and restrictions, many of us have used our homes as workplaces and schools as well as for living in!

As we start to get back to normal, it is a great time to revive your home decor and once again make it a place where you love to spend time relaxing – here are some of the trends for 2021 to give you a bit of home inspiration…

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The last few years we have seen a sea of grey in many home improvement guides – but as we now head into the roaring 20s, we are starting to see a taste for bolder and brighter shades as well as more earthy tones for those who want to stay on the neutral side. For a perfect finish, nothing beats getting in the professionals such as these decorators Cheltenham based JS Decorating.

As well as waving goodbye to the sterile greys, we are also welcoming back cosy home comforts that wouldn’t be out of place in your grandparents’ house. Chucky and colourful knitted blankets, plenty of florals and cushions galore in a variety of patterns is very much something that we are embracing this year.

Lighting is something else that can really make our homes feel cosier, and a lot of people are enjoying the statement lighting that is all around at the moment. Quirky and interesting lamps and wall lights are the way forwards and add a cosy and interesting element to your home.

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