Get your house exterior looking ship post covid

Get your house exterior looking ship post covid

Whether you are looking to spruce up the outside of your home to get some more enjoyment out of your gardens or you are trying to sell your property, some ideas are easier to implement than others.

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According to research from Zoopla, a fantastic garden can add up to £27k to the value of a property. Whilst this is not going to be the case for every home, a well cared-for exterior can help to entice a buyer.

Clean your brickwork

If your home is on a road with heavy traffic, it is more than likely that your walls are going to be carrying their fair share of grime. Giving your bricks a thorough pressure wash every so often can work wonders on the look of your home.

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Look at windows and doors

Especially for those who live near a busy road, windows and doors can get incredibly grubby over time. Whilst UPVC windows have many benefits, the white finish can attract dirt, so giving these areas a quick once-over will help your exterior look great.

Light it up

Depending on the orientation of your gardens and other aspects, such as the height of fences and trees around your garden, they can get a bit gloomy once the sun moves on in the afternoon. Try adding some solar lights around the garden to make it usable as the shadows lengthen.

Cover unsightly meters

If you are living in a property with a gas meter on the outside, this can look unsightly and put off potential buyers. Investing in a gas meter box such as those available from can help to make your exterior look far more aesthetically pleasing.

Tidy up your grass and plants

It is amazing the effect that a neat garden can have on potential buyers. The simple act of mowing the lawn and having tidy, weed-free borders shows that a house is cared for, helping entice people from their cars and over your threshold to see the rest of the home.

Clear your paving

Giving any patio or path areas a blast with a pressure washer helps keep these areas clean, whilst clearing weeds from between slabs helps to make your garden very well-maintained. This is a simple step that can give the right impression to would-be homebuyers.

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