Five Ways to Winter-Proof Your Garage

Five Ways to Winter-Proof Your Garage

Garages tend to be cold, dark places whatever the time of year. Even those people who use them for their car will inevitably also use them for storage of bicycles, garden tools, camping gear, etc. However, in particularly cold conditions, garages can become damaged and, if attached to your house, increase the cost of your heating bills. Some basic precautions can protect both the contents of your garage and the building itself.

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If you garage has any windows, check these close properly and are kept tightly shut throughout the winter months. It is also worth checking any window seals for cracks or deterioration, and if you notice a draught, then adding an additional layer of insulation such as a hard-wearing plastic is cost effective, easy to do and can make all the difference.

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Check your garage door shuts properly and lubricate the joints, handle and locks. If the door if severely damaged, it may be worth considering a total replacement. Getting a local supplier to fit it for you so it is fitted correctly and securely will also prove to be a good investment, as it is likely to last for several years.

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The UK weather forecast for this winter is predicting a white Christmas and the coldest winter for eight years, so don’t leave it too late to prepare.


Before the harsh conditions set in, have a good check of the garage, preferably in daylight hours. Look for gaps where wildlife could enter, and block these up and if necessary seal them with professional foam or repair them thoroughly. If you garage isn’t insulated, consider getting this done. It can make a huge difference to the temperature and therefore protect the contents as well as reduce the amount of cold air entering any adjoining buildings.


Before you lock your garage up for the winter, have a good clearout, tidy up and organise the contents. Try not to see you garage as a place for items with no home and invest in some quality garage shelving from companies such as www.garage-shelving.co.uk/.


Check the electrics are working and that there is no dampness around the sockets. It is also always a good idea to change the bulbs and use energy-efficient LEDs if you’re not already doing so.


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