Easy ways to create a top interior design for your park home

Easy ways to create a top interior design for your park home

What can be considered one of the biggest attractions for people who choose to live in a residential park home is the opportunity to enjoy an affordable, comfortable and convenient way of life.

Park homes can be equipped before you move into a very spacious but managed home. This is a very important benefit for individuals who might decide to downsize from the old family home into a home that better suits their needs, while still providing plenty of space. For Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire, visit http://www.parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park/

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  1. Move the seat away from the wall

Sounds easy and it really is – moving furniture from the wall can help create a more relaxed and intimate feel. You may think that you can’t move furniture in your park home as you need to maintain as much space as possible, however, strategic furniture placement to make sure that the space doesn’t feel crowded should help, so be brave and move furniture until you’re happy it feels right.

  1. Storage solutions for park home

If you have recently been downsized from a house to a park home, then you might have trouble finding available space to store your belongings.

This is where the space under your bed or wardrobe suddenly becomes useful. Simply buy a few inexpensive storage boxes for your items and place them off site.

  1. Mirror for broad appearance

Placing mirrors in and around your garden home is a style tip and saves space. Not only can a mirror add a neat touch to a room, but by placing a mirror directly opposite the window, this reflects light into the room which gives a brighter look, and makes the room appear more spacious.

  1. Less is more

You don’t need to cram a lot of different furniture into your home to create an impression. So, try to avoid overloading the space with lots of different furniture and instead adopt a mindset that is less sometimes can be more.

  1. Use a lighter colour on the walls

A popular way to maximize the space in your home for a more contemporary feel is to add a lighter colour to the wall. This not only has the effect of making the room appear much bigger and brighter but can also help you access your room more easily. Whether you want to incorporate new artwork for the walls or statement furniture around the house, lighter colours can really help match your items more simply.

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  1. Mix your accessories

Another tip that you can consider incorporating into your home is that you can mix the furniture as you like. By this, we mean that you should not feel limited by accessories based on whether they are old or new, plain or detailed, luxury or cheap.

Having an antique vase does not mean that other room furniture must follow, so don’t be afraid to mix your accessories. By integrating various items into your room, this will help add a little more interest and charisma.

  1. Lighting layers

Lighting is a clever and attractive way to create certain vibrations for different rooms, which as you might witness can help make us feel different when spending time in that particular room. Lighting, in particular, is a great tool for making a room feel warmer and friendlier and is also a useful way to help magnify the look of a room.


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